Warzone [XBOX][US] PVP - Discord - 10X Harvest - 5X Thrall Conversion/Pet Taming - Starter Kits


PVP 40 Slot

10X harvest
Lowered Crafting Cost
Faster Crafting
Faster Thrall Conversion
Faster Pet Taming
Weekdays: Keep on Death, No raids, PVP enabled, No Structure Damage
Weekends (Noon - Midnight PST): Drop on Death, Raids, PVP enabled, Structure Damage
Admin hosted events such as raid bases, races, arena battles and more!
Public Map-rooms at obelisks
Starter kits for new players located at each starting road.

Discord is required to stay and play
Meshing = Ban
Insiding = Ban
Hate Speech = Ban

Bumping, There will be a PVP server event next weekend (1/2/20)

Bumping, starter kits available upon request! (when admin is online)

Bumping, Harvest rates have been increased to 10X until January 14th 2021!

Bumping, Come check us out!!

Bumping, Admin store coming soon!

Bumping, Admin store finally finished and will be opening soon!

Bumping, Admin store open during weekdays only. Admin store accepts trade-ins for store currency!

Bumping, Event today!!