Watcher DLC please

I have some strong personal issues with Twitch, so I didn’t participate in the Watcher event. But for those of us who didn’t (or couldn’t) participate, how about a DLC we can buy to get the items? Those who did participate still get the reward of having them for free, but the rest of us could pay for them. I’d say this way, everyone wins, including FC who get some money for items already created and in game.


Hmmm what are you talking about? Dont realy understand.

This was discussed and debated into the ground during and right after the event. I suggest you look back over those threads, there is no reason to rehash this. Funcom will do with those items what they like, but considering none of the other promotional items have made their way to DLC in over 3 years, you’re probably straight outta luck on that end.

Considering the watcher set still hasn’t made it to all the persons who did participate in the Twitch event, any discussions of alternate methods are likely a touch premature.

I wasn’t aware that some people still didn’t have theirs. It’s been quite a while. Not getting a DLC of it wouldn’t be a huge loss. It’d be nice, but I wouldn’t have created this thread if I knew this was an issue.


It’s not unreasonable to expect that the twitch drops would already have been received… But there was a snag in implementation for Playstation users which is mostly sorta almost not really ironed out.

I personally agree that it would be a nice side package. Especially this long after the event.
I also think the set should have had foot wear…
But it’s got a nice bed and bookcase… which are made using regular rather than shaped wood.

Unfortunately you must already have exile epics feat to craft them, which means level 60… Significantly diminishing the value of the furnishing material choice.

Still, they are a nice set.

Even if they don’t release the twitch drops as paid option later, more small themed sets would be nice.


Or you can alwats ask some one that have it to make it 4 you.

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I supported this call once before (put it out myself at the time), and I still do now Wolfkyn. But the odds may not be in our favor here…


Because of the siptah bugs and bs we’ve had to all deal with for months, i really think they should have to release all these items to us, i mean hell we’ve been a pretty dedicated fan base and our first massive new map half the stuff doesn’t work and we paid for that…….

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But its alot off thralls and other thinkgs they have removed in the game so whay not ad thos thing in a DLC to?

Personally, as someone who has got the set, I’d be perfectly happy with your suggestion - it makes perfect sense to me, and I feel, like you say, that everybody wins. However, the playstation folks not having got it yet is, as you acknowledge, more of an issue. It’s easy to see how they could be upset if a dlc moved forward and they still hadn’t received theirs.

So I’ll say that I’d support the release of a ‘watcher’ dlc, at some point in the future, provided that all the outstanding issues have been solved first. (And provided they don’t bundle extra stuff in with it - I’d be quite frustrated to encounter a paid dlc, with a few things I want and mostly stuff I already got, lol.)


Unfortunately, I play SP.

100% agree with this. Just the Watcher set already available. And also agree, AFTER those who are due get theirs first.

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