The Mask Of The Watcher, and other Twitch drops from back when

Since you can’t share DLC items anymore (including Twitch drops) I think it would really be beneficial to the community to make a way to acquire some of the old twitch drops like, as offered for example, the watcher armor set, (which I frustratingly missed the one day of the twitch campaign where the mask was given). I’d even be happy if it was just another twitch drop again.

Now my sop story for anyone interested in that: Normally I don’t like to be a whiner or bother with forums but I used the mask of the watcher ever since it was added despite not actually getting the drop. I’ve always had friends craft it for me. I’ve worn the mask for hundreds of hours. It’s iconic for my character on the servers I play on, and there’s even art of him. But, I’ve returned from a break to find I can’t access it. I’m a little gutted, but I’ll get over it. I just thought it would make sense to suggest this.

Also, this is my first time posting in the forums, so hopefully, I did everything right and followed the rules.


I’m in a similar situation, I would be happy if it was even added to the Bazaar for purchase.

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I can see both sides of this. On the one hand, it’s promotion, and designed to be something that requires engagement to get at the time when Funcom needs the engagement. On the other though, the items are there now… and it’s been awhile. Selling the items in the bazaar would benefit both in the short term. Not sure how promotions becoming widely accessible affects things in the long run… maybe it doesn’t. I dunno.

I would say that the promotion stands if it goes to the Bazaar, you get it nearly two years before it’s publicly available and for free. Those who go through the Bazaar have to pay.

You know…I would like access to the twitch drops I earned…before we talk general access, can we just get the ability to make and use them first?


So I just checked my game, and at first I couldn’t spawn the watcher stuff. Then I checked to see if my twitch account was still synced to my funcomID; it was not. So I (just now) relinked my twitch account, and then I could spawn them again.

Oh I can see them…the Christmas things in yellow…waiting for me to click them as green…just won’t let me do. I want my ugly dog dammit

ah, I missed ugly fido. The only downside so far of not using twitter I have found. I had no idea that promotion was even happening. If twitch drops are only mentioned on twitch or on twitter from here on out, I won’t be getting any of them. Not that I’m opposed to those platforms… I just don’t use them. Got enough clutter in my life already.

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Yeah I missed the watcher set ones for that very reason…so I’m sensitive now when those feeds come in to not just swipe them away.

Their promotion strategy is pretty sloppy in this regard. I only learned about them from my clanmate. She told me about both Twitch promotions and so I was able to get them. She didn’t because she doesn’t use twitch though. That being said, they should make it a habit of posting announcements about the Twitch promotions (and any other of the sort) on the forum as well. Neither one was even mentioned except by the flooding of posts saying they didn’t work lol… and it should be mentioned that they still don’t work right. None of them are craftable and can only be spawned in on Single Player. So much for the festive holiday items I couldn’t use for the holidays.

Might have been an assumption that we all follow all of them, but in my case, I just don’t. I forum and I discord. That’s it. Twitter, facebook and twitch have a bunch of other stuff going on and I like my avenues to be just about Conan.

I follow them on twitter, but I’m not on it every moment like some people are. It’s easy to miss posts about these things when you follow some accounts that find it necessary to retweet everything they look at. :unamused:

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I barely found out about the Twitch drops I participated in. No idea if I missed any others, but making them an option for purchase now, years later, would surely be adequate.

While few of us that already got them have any issue with funcom doing this, the likelihood is pretty slim. We’ve all expressed interest in releasing day one edition items or the rhino skin, they have yet to show any inclination to doing so. Though that doesn’t mean we don’t stop asking.:smirk:

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I think the reason for not making them available may have more to do with supporting the content creators than anything else. If they sell them to us after the fact, people will not be inclined to make sure they watch the streams at that time. They may just say “Eh, I’ll just buy it later.” The early bird stuff would be different of course when it came to the reasons, but I’m sure they figure the amount they would make is probably small compared to the burn some might feel. I mean, I wouldn’t care if someone were able to buy Conan’s Royal Armor. I got two of the cool T shirt :stuck_out_tongue:

No, we shouldnt pay for it in the bazzar… Considering how long it took for console players who participated on the first twitch drop event to get it back in 2021. Took more than half a year to receive mine. Then they messed that up with patch 3.0. You would think they would have learned from there mistakes and try to fix it so we can use it on private servers not just in single player(i mean come on its just cosmetics). But nope they make ANOTHER twitch drop event with the same problem.


Hi @Armagedish and welcome to the community! I will lend you some support for this request, as I have done previously for others. Another important point here which I did raise previously is than many folks, as myself and @Barnes pointed out, do not live in metropolitan centres, but in rural areas where internet coverage is unreliable. It would be nice to have another chance to aquire them. Fair is fair, I would even be willing to pay for them on the Bazaar if the situation arose.

Not at all Armagedish, you were very polite and constructive. And frankly, I wish others putting forth suggestions would live by your example.


At the time, in fact, we didn’t have satellite internet here. I had to use all my 5G allotment for the month to acquire the drops. (It was an experiment and I did it willingly.)

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My mistake, and apologies for the faulty recollection of events on display here. Nonetheless I will still rest on my laurels, and hold steadfast that many rural and remote dwellers such as myself did not have the means necessary to obtain these at the time. And I would request another opportunity to do so, even if it is one based on mey changing hands.

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