Is there any chances of getting the Twich Drops for the players who missed the campaign week end?

Is there any chances of getting the Twich Drops for the players who missed the campaign week end??? Expecting reply from Funcom to be Accurate!!!

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Those of us who have seen the videos for 2 hours also don’t have the rewards on ps4, so my friend … You don’t miss anything hahaha


Hey @b2Wolfenstien

There’s currently no plans to add these recipes at a later date.

We’re looking into the PS4 drops issue and we hope to get it resolved in a future patch. For now, if you watch and claim the items every day, they will remain unlocked in your account once the issue is fixed in the future, so watch away!


Just found out that I missed two days because I couldn’t watch 2 hours in each of the 2 days because they implemented a time window for each days drops. Really Funcom? You couldn’t have at least made it so that if I watched enough hours within the total time frame I could have received all the drops? So punish your players if they have a life? Crap move.


Perhaps you could have a player make a handful of the items for you. A workaround, in the meantime. Maybe these items could be researched by players that already have the item, and the recipe could be exchanged via trade to other players. Still makes people take extra steps to get the recipe, but doesn’t completely prevent other players from attaining them for themselves.


I get announcing that you would, would pretty much ruin twitch streams…

But, You know…


We ask for events they give us one and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way this is a thumb :-1: for me in game events funcom in game you know where we do stuff and things in the game. But on the upside love the new map and it’s sad to here if you missed twich drops you can never get them to bad so sad this event was a horrible idea.

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It wasn’t a bad idea, Just alot of of us don’t have means or time to do it.

Bookcase was highly requested, so it kinda suck it was part of limited event. Armor isnt op, But cool looking.

Mostly grumpy over missing out on Dragon banners. =/

Love if they took page from LotrO with Yule Fest, which has Town away from main map, were stuff happens, So everyone can just go to it when event is up. Be nice if they set one up for several events.

Considering Conan Universe has plently of neat spots we could visit.


Thanks for you attention

Was interested in the event at first but as soon as I saw the ridiculous amount of time needed to spend watching stuff it was an instant no. Why would Funcom think that this was fun? Much easier to just get new outfits from the Workshop. Modders; you keep this game going for me.

I run a private server and I filled up unlocked chests with these goodies for my players who had to miss some or even all of the event. Moral of the story? Private servers > official servers. :wink: If you are a role player feel free to check out Black Circle


Sounds like a ‘wonderful’ new system of exclusion to me. Too bad that not all have the means to obtain them due to their location and circumstances. The Bookcase especially was very concerning. So are we now going to make highly sought after and often requested features exclusive to Twitch too? So what is next then, unique mounts, a set of building pieces, a whole biome…!? Yes I know Im on the slipppery slope here, but can someone please tell me exactly where we draw the line? This is a slap in the face to loyal customers everywhere who have supported this game financially for the last 3 years, especially those such as myself who have made it their mission to collect ALL the content, and are suddenly left without a means to obtain them.

This reminds me of when we offered the Atlantean Sword post-launch, but only to PC players:

All, and I do mean ALL players should have fair and equitable access to new content releases. Faithful out.


thank you for clearing our doubts… And i didnt miss any of my drops… my freieds did. So, just trying to help and clarify any who didnt get the drops or missed… Thank you for the response and have a great time.

It wasn’t hard at all. All you needed to do was put up a twitch tab and let it roll for two hours while you go do something else. You didn’t literally need to watch the stream for two hours, just have it open and playing.

Do people really think they need to physically watch?


A lot of people assume that most people can actually have access to stream Twitch 24/7, even at work. My place of work I cannot bring a mobile device into the work area and I don’t get back until everything is done and over with. So for some of us, we’ll never get the chance to even just AFK these streams.

An in game event would have been much better than forcing people to watch Twitch. I’d have rather spent 10 hours playing the game I already paid for than wasting time watching somebody else play it.


Why didn’t you open a tab before work and let it play all day? Maybe even open up a few tabs just to play it safe in case the streamer ends their stream?

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Not everyone can and some people need to take that computer with them into the work area where it’s all behind a firewall.

Yes, it’s a select few but I’d like to stop being punished for my career choice.


Well, we can’t live by and cater to an extremely small segment of the population. I’d imagine like my work computer, it’s only for work and I can’t use it for games, so I have my own personal computer for that. That’s life. One tab of Twitch everyday at anytime (each drop was 24 hours) was Funcom was asking of their players for basically cosmetic items. If someone can’t manage to open up a tab of Twitch in 24 hours, I don’t even know what to say. Do you own every item and every recipe on both maps? Probably not. You’ll live.

Ask someone to craft everything for you, the mats are super cheap.

Hundreds of games have released promotional one time content, and hundreds more will do the same in the future.

It is unfortunate that some were not able to meet the requirements to unlock the items, but thats kind of the point. If its available all the time, to every one, under every conceivable circumstance it isnt much of a promotion.

You could pull up twitch on any phone, computer, or tablet and AFK everything. They couldn’t have made it much more accessible.

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You also don’t work 24 hours a day. After you got home, you should of pulled up a tab while you make food or go to sleep, whatever you like. Cmon man.

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