Watchers set is no longer available?

Hi there,

I can no longer recover the Watchers set in game.
I have indeed had the Twitch drop for a very long time and I have always been able to recover it.

Are there any knowable issues ?

Thank you

Re-link your twitch account from the main menu

Tryed already but still doesn’t work

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When I logged in yesterday, the Watcher set was no longer displayed for me as well.

I am playing on PlayStation on an Official PVE-C Server.

As others have said in this and other posts, they were displaying the previous day.-

I am wondering if it is related to this - Maintenance for Conan Exiles backend

perhaps @Pliskin could shed some light on this situation.


I’ve never gotten the twitch drops.
I tried re-linking both through steam and the game launcher, to no results.

I’ve never missed a dev stream from early access through the present.

Made a Zendesk report but still have never gotten any twitch drops.


I ran into the same problem yesterday evening. I went to go craft a Bear Statue and was left surprised. I went through the help desk stuff from a year ago, relinked my twitch, updated passwords, confirmed the relink and still no smoke. Noticed the problem on us official pve and confirmed in my single player.

I havent checked yet this morning. Kinda glad its not just me.


This one has likewise taken a look and discovered that in single player, and on servers both private and official this one has had the watcher feat removed.
And in single player the ability to spawn these items blocked.

And yes, this one did then decouple and recouple twitch.
To the surprise of no one it was to no avail.


Same here :pensive: couldn’t pick up any off the watchers gear so destroyed a chair and when I went to craft it again the feats are missing. Tried linking twitch again but it didn’t work.


@Community can someone pretty please look into this for us :pray:


It seems that you are dealing an issue well know and several reported. I guess Community cannot answer either since it’s still “on the way to be fixed” .
Your multiple reports however might bring it as “priority”. At least it must.

What is really frustraiting, for me, is that I have a Watcher’s Table and four Watcher’s Chairs already built and set at my place which I am building and I just went to make another set of table and four chairs. Low and behold… they are no longer available. The server admin took a look and they were not even available to him either. Yet he could clearly see that I had a set down so he knows I SHOULD be able to make them (solo clan thus I am the only one who could have made them). I really hope this is not a sign of what is to come with all of the future Battlepass and Bazaar items…


Similar response from the admin of one of the private servers I am on.
Well, hopefully it’s something that will be addressed soon.

This one is mildly surprised that back end updates were going through in mid July. That is not what we have grown accustomed to. Wonder how that will change other updates going forward?

The Twitch drops didn’t show up for me either. And honestly, I forgot about them until now. Maybe Funcom could include them in a free update to the community sometime in the future? A Christmas present perhaps?


Well I was talking to my server admin in discord and got this rather interesting response from him.

Did some digging.
Looks like Funcom is doing some background maintenance and ALL the special recipes are unavailable. Not sure when they will be back as it is basically a database connection issue. Probably something to streamline integration with the shop

So it sounds to me that, if what he is saying is true, they are doing something in the background in preparation for the 3.0 update. Some communication would be nice but at least this COULD be the reason. If so then perhaps they may be getting close to testlive? hopeful thinking

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I know that 4 of their CM’s are in Amsterdam at the moment for Twitchcon, and we are right in the middle of when a lot of Norway is on vacation. I wouldn’t be too worried about slow response to things at the moment. They probably running on a skeleton crew and then some.


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