We find that most of the time when we are splitting stuff

On Playstation the hold a button functionality is not working good. For example starting a crafting queue in a bench and moving all items. If the bench is running there is a lag between all actions in inventory. If I try to stop the bench with L2 it sometimes move all my stuff. Or the bench stops and starts again within 0.1 seconds…
The same problem I have sometimes with the buildinghammer. If there is a lag while trying to place any building piece or placeable it switch to delete mode and then deletes something I don’t want to be deleted.

This is a very good question. Getting an answer would give us a better insight into how Funcom’s development process works, and maybe it’d help us give them more useful feedback in the future.

well that rise the question to who asked to change that.

Oh my goodness @den, no matter how yourself and the team feel about me I cannot thankyou enough. Not only for listening to the communities feedback and and making the decision to return to the former precision sorting option, but also for coming down and letting us all know. Gratitude. And also my apologies for the imposing schedules faced. I do not mind if it takes the fix a while to eventuate, the fact you communicated this will help settle more restless members. And if I may be so bold as to politely, and with the greatest of respect make a suggestion. Much like now, if and when you and the team have made the decision to make a change based on feedback, just have a CM post it will be coming. For example:

  • we have received your feedback, and this change will be corrected/reverted in a coming update. No ETA as of yet.

That will be enough to put many community members minds at rest, and will give helpers something we can pass on when inquiries keep shooting up.


You KNEW the players would be upset.



If you KNOW that people will be upset… IT’S PROBABLY A BAD IDEA!

Maybe you should start oh I don’t know…



The reason you put out new things to try out is to see if it’s better. Personally I feel it’s still to early to know if its better or not but I am feeling the benefits of the quick split methods and it took them to remove the customizable aspect to recognize that. But this is basically community feedback that is triggering a reversion back. The system is working and we shouldn’t condemn folks for actively developing a game and giving us new/different content. Some things are hits, some are misses, some are ‘meh’ and others are ‘ok’. I’m liking the vibe that they tried something new, the feedback came in and they altered course. That is actually a good thing, all around.

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The always listen. And when they feel that they need to act, they do, it’s not the first time neither the last one will be.
It was a bad call.
Now that we know that soon we will be able to get or give exact numbers all that remains is to say thank you.

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No, they do not always listen. Their track record since Age of Sorcery indicates that that they rarely listen and this precise stack splitting issue proves that. They were told over and over not to remove it. They even posted “We knew people would be upset about the loss of functionality.” which begs the question why anyone would remove functionality in the first place. Why would you want to make your game LESS FUNCTIONAL? Also, why would you remove it knowing people would be upset about it? Those people are your CUSTOMERS.

We all know that there was absolutely no good reason to remove the shift-drag splitting function at all, there’s no reason why the hotfix to put it back in isn’t out yet, and there’s no reason why they don’t put it back as the same function it was - but they’re not even doing that. They are putting it back in as a different key combo for some reason. 7+ years of it being shift-drag and working perfectly, being used by players all the time and they thought it was a brilliant idea to remove it and then when they got overwhelming complaints the finally decide to put it back in but they aren’t putting it back the way it was? Why not? Why is there an issue with leaving shift-drag splitting in the game for mouse/kb users?

One more thing - @den said “The pipeline for updates makes them take a relatively long time to get out…” Not true at all, other games put out hotfixes in a matter of hours, sometimes less than a full hour. There is absolutely no reason why we haven’t had a hotfix to correct this mistake already.


Precise stack splitting was being used by all players very frequently and was an essential function. As such we shouldn’t be thankful that they’re putting it back in, we should be angry that they didn’t realize it shouldn’t have been removed in the first place even after being told it should be left in the game. We should also be angry that they haven’t put it back yet, and that they don’t plan to put it back exactly the way it was. That’s what needs to happen - 100% revert the change back to exactly what it was before this update. Honestly this entire update could be reverted and I’d be much happier with the game. I don’t want the UI overhaul, don’t want RMB to be split stack either - that should go back to being use/equip. I don’t know what they were thinking changing this stuff after 7+ years when it was working perfectly… hopefully I’ll be able to edit the .ini files to put everything back the way it was so I can start enjoying the game again.

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Thank you @ Cauthey for starting this thread. Thank you for making it clear that Dennis and the dev. team made a major error when they made these changes to the game.

Honestly the entire update should be reverted. They really should just roll everything back to pre-sorcery and start again but I’d settle for them backing up to just before they added fatalities because that addition was an unwanted disaster, too. Sadly this game’s been in a downward spiral since sorcery launched and just keeps getting worse and worse. I have 1200+ hours of play time in CE and I don’t even want to play it anymore because of what they’ve done to it. I don’t mod the game but I think that the only way I can enjoy it any more is if I use mods to fix all the things Funcom has ruined in the last few years.

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:brazil: feedback Conan Exiles patch servers pc xbox ps4

Ninguém pediu para alterar os botões e toda vez a Funcom fica sabotando e trolando a comunidade com atualizações desnecessárias e menos importantes sempre fazem promoção nas lojas :-1:

Por que não atualiza e ajusta algo que está quebrado bug ? :thinking:

faça o que for mas não altere nossos controles, parem de criar obstáculos para jogar conan exiles e faça algo que resolva os problemas BUG BUG BUG!!!

A era da guerra na Funcom é contra os players?

UPDATE Troll Age Of War 4 :skull: F

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Waiting anxiously to the hotfix. I knew this update was going to be a mess when I saw you guys having a hard time finding the cave and also had to once again use cheats to get through parts of the game during the livestream. Brushing off obvious issues right in front of your own eyes has become a solid indicator of how your new chapter will perform. I admire the consistency.

I loved this game. I barely play any other games now except this one. I want to keep dumping money into it so my base can look nice. I want to give you more money, but I hesitant to do it because I live in constant fear that your next update will screw up my experience. This has been the case since Age of War chapter 1. You nerfed my thralls; you destabilized the foundations I paid extra money for and killed every container and the stuff inside that were resting on them; you made NPC’s attack tracking absurdly extreme while making my own ability to fight hilariously crippled.

Now, you trap my thralls in foundations, you kill my character randomly at certain spots of the map, you made the inventory system completely unusable, you made recovering my gear from my compose a nightmare, you made my thralls aggro the entire Sepemeru despite me asking them to stay output, you made transferring items lag the game, you force me to split stacks.

How did these things escape your attention? Have you ever, ever, stopped and ask yourselves this question? How

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If that new splitting “great” change was do mostly for console players, then there should be patch that allow switch in setting console mode on/off - in on keep current splitting, in off bring back old splitting more fitting for PC players.

Just do similiar change like option in setting to turn face to enemy durning combat.

Exactly. Those things should have been optional. The new UI structure and functions should have also been a choice, it should not have been forced on PC kb/mouse players. The prior UI has been around for a long time and it worked just fine. It didn’t need an overhaul for people playing with kb/mouse. They should never force the console/controller changes on keyboard and mouse users, plus we already had a function to split stacks in half but no one used it because we had the far superior precise stack splitting function that they decided to remove…

There’s no reason why they can’t have two completely separate control schemes for mouse/kb and controller users. No reason they can’t do two separate UIs either. I mean modders have made hundreds of changes to the game that we can opt to use so why can’t the dev. team do the same thing?

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While I am happy that custom splitting is coming back, I find the justification in regards to the development process and roll out quite lame tbh.
The feedback in testlive was consistently negative from start and in chapter 3 it was possible to remove the camel mount from release because of issues and suddenly it isn’t? Sounds sus

That make existing of beta test servers no meaning if there no actions and fixes that are reported by testers.

Yes they do. How they act is another story!

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No, they do not.

Listen, verb. Second definition according to Merriam-Webster is this: to hear something with thoughtful attention; give consideration. They do not do this therefore they do not listen.

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