We need mount in game

have you seen horse in the game ^^ mount was suppose to be in it was a strech goal but have been abandonned early due to technical issue i think, i believe they wanted you to ride rhino actualy which is much cooler than a horse:p

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No the obelisks are not in youre beadrom next you youre vauil to drop the loot, you still need to go to youre base.

I can se mounts in combat but not for transport.


Okay, I only know of bedporting in one single way: Waking up nude with nothing in the inventory.

Yes but you still need to run back whit the loot.

yes, serious mount perfect for combat too

Mounts will be a while still. The server processing needs a boost and to be cleaned up before this happens. I would personally like to have a mount but the map isn’t big enough to worry about it at this time.

@GABRIELHGB Please read Mount on the Official Wiki :wink:

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The game does not need mounts, the map is tiny and once you get the ability to build or find others map rooms it becomes even smaller.

You can walk from the starting desert to the volcano in literally five minutes.


Feel like mounts are inevitable, it’s just a matter of when they have them working. That being said I hope there is a server option to have them disabled for those who want no part in them. Aside from a companion or siege mounts following you, I see no reason to add mounts and make the world even smaller just so people could skip content with ease.

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Barbarians don’t ride mounts, they eat them.

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honestly the map is not that big, why would we really need them. run to where you need to go or make a map room. Besides that they have said many times they wont bring mounts due to mounts moving too fast to allow rendering to work, and we see that now just running up to a base.

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mounted npc would be nice if they also implement patrol ^^ i want a rhino mounted patrol touring my city

Yes npc¨s and in combat is the only way i can se mounts in the game!

It should at least be faster than humans.


I saw somewhere in this thread that speed could be the sprint speed constantly. That is a good idea, maybe the sprint lasts 2 times as long max. Doesn’t really effect the rendering, and adds a little bit faster land travel (double time now mister!).
Have a charge attack be the heavy attack, and eats up stamina for combat.
Horse–use the the Shalebaacks AOE attack
Camel–The shoebill head-butt
Light attacks can be basic swings with weapon and such. Jousting would be awesome with a blunted javelin!!!

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This has been suggested to death. Joel talks about why they won’t do that during his firespark YouTube interview back in August.

Short answer: it looks like crap and Funcom would rather do it right or not at all (second part is my opinion).

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