We need skimpy armor and booty booty bounce

I want both genders to have skimpy armor sets. The back of these armor sets reveals the player’s buttcheeks. This armor sets covers up the censor parts. You barley are wearing anything at all. This armor set allows for major booty bouncing. It is auto unlock at level 1. I want a booty bouncing option in game. Heavier armor =Less bounce. Smaller butt =Less bounce.


i need red sonja to twerk


How sad only 1 response.

If you want skimpy, head over to some of the super modded private servers.
There are the skimpiest stuff Ive seen in a game.
Shaving options too, silky smooth, to 70s style. Also oil, and anatomically perfect bodies

Your answer is mods. How did you get mods on the Ps4?

For the Red Sonja chain mail bikini, you can craft the the top and bottom jewelled gold ones from the Derketo DLC and dye them in grey (I think I dye them in black myself). With the right gloves and boots you’ll get the Red Sonja chain mail bikini.


The Derketo set is that for sure lol. but you’ll never see me opposed to more skimpy outfits!

pics or it didnt happen

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I was hoping free skimpy armor for the booty bouncing.

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There is the hyperborean slaver armor. But again, I’ll never protest more skimpy armors!

The new Derketo armor is awesome for skimpyness! Definitely more like that please!

Now i wonder if anyone twerked for the halloween emote contest or not…and if so…if it won.

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