We played through the preview demo on Iron Mutant mode on our channel, you can give it a look if you haven't pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition but want to know what the first three hours of the game feel like

Hi folks! Me and my girlfriend are long-time X-Com enthusiasts who have a small YouTube channel (456 subscribers) where we do gameplay videos. The very nice people at Funcom were gracious enough to grant us a copy of the preview demo to have the game featured on our channel (and they’re awesome for being this streamer/youtuber friendly even with smaller channels, and not just the big ones). I’m Swedish as well, which makes this one of the most anticipated games for us in a long time and we’ve been genuinely excited about the full game launch for months.

We figured we’d add some more challenge to the demo for our channel, so we played through it in Iron Mutant mode like any true X-Com fan should. The full playlist is here:

If you don’t have access to the demo yourself, we’d love for you to check out our run through the first three or so hours of the game to build more hype for yourself. We can say already from this first impression that this game is a serious must-play for both of us.



Nice, I usually find couples hard to listen to, but you two are chill. Look forward to the replay on hard :smiley:

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Haha, thanks!

We’re gonna LP the full game and we’ll do that on hard, but not Iron Mutant (since permadeath means you can lose out on lore/narrative/dialogue you otherwise would have gotten, which isn’t great for an LP series). That’s definitely going up on the channel!

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Had to stop at part 5 binged it today. Was great fun. Wife was wondering why a was shouting at a video. Some times it was OMG why did you not equip this or that. LOVED it can’t wait to watch part 6. And for 12/4/18 to start my play thru, and of corse watch y’alls LP :rofl:


Like it and looking forward for more.

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That was a really fun watch. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
I loved the fact that you explained the “Gundess” easter egg and talked about Fort Boyard :smiley: