Weapon and tool durability

Add on the very middle right of the screen the durability of the equipped weapon or tool it annoying to keep checking how much is left some times I die cause I don’t want to break a legendary sword

At the bottom of the screen, on your ability bar is whats called your “Anima Essence” - With each death this degrades and you must pay Anima shards to recover it. In effect this is what you are Repairing - not the weapons or talismans.
Your weapons and talismans will not break.
At least not that i know of anyway.

There is a gauge to see how much you have, a colour meter that changes to an orange colour indicating when it’s at 50%

is this what you mean?

None of your weapons or talismans will ‘break’ if you forget to repair. However, you will deal less damage which can lead to you getting killed again faster.

There is an add-on you can install that will automatically repair for you. I run it myself and highly recommend it. Once it’s installed, you never have to look or worry about repairs again.

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I’m 99,9% sure OP is talking about Conan Exiles. This is SWL forums, not CE :>

I’m talking about Conan exiles

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Ohhh I just realised I’m In the wrong thing

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Haha - I didn’t think people got mixed up with these forums anymore lol
Oh well - Nice to see you, i hope your customer service is better than ours o/

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