Weapons become invisible

It happens randomly as far as I can tell after equipping and un equipping weapons they will become invisible and will not be fixed until you re log or die.

Also when swimming the same key for swimming up is the same key for taking out your last weapon. This means as soon as you start to swim up you put your weapon away and in pvp this is very irritating.


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By default, the jump key (spacebar) is used for swimming upwards, there’s no interaction with your equipped weapon unless you changed your keybinds.

You also can’t swim with most weapons out anyway.

Sorry I kind of fumbled the wording. I play on pc and console but mostly console these days. For console you can hold triangle to equip or un equip your last weapon or tool without even opening your hotbar (new feature to 3.0 I believe)Triangle is also used for swimming up/ releasing from climbing/ crouching.

This feature is very pointless to me imo

Hi there,

Triangle is used for swimming down. But that’s the problem if you dive you equip and unequip your weapon everytime you push it.
I think it’s misplaced and also in my opinion we don’t need this fast equip function.

I am on playstation and since 3.0 triangle isn’t the button to release from climbing anymore. It’s circle now. That is a good change… Before I had the problem if I accidentally climb in my base the triangle button was there to take all stuff form benches and chests. But I think that was removed by one of the last updates. The function only works if you inside the chest or bench menu. That’s fine.

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