Can you guys make up your minds on how swimming functions? Plus other gripes with parity patch

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]

The update before the parity update removed stamina consumption for swimming, now with the parity update you bring it back, why? If anything a better idea would be to remove the stamina consumption from swimming again, but add a “sprint” swim that would consume stamina, but allow faster movement. The new swimming animations are a nice touch, like wading in waist-deep water, and gradually getting up out of water rather than just jumping out like the character used to.

Another issue I have with this patch is the change to the dagger’s animations, the old animations were fine, sure the heavy combo hasn’t changed much, but the light combo has changed significantly, especially since it has gone from a 3 hit combo to a 4 hit combo. No other weapon I’ve used so far has had their animations changed, the swords seems the same, along with the pike, maul and mace. The sound effect that accompanies the maul’s weapon trail is somewhat annoying too, no other weapon trail does this strange distorted “woosh” noise.

The changes to several settings on my single player save was also quite infuriating, since I had those set in a way so single player was actually viable, 24 purges a day at level 6 is madness on single player.

Also, dismantling building pieces no longer gives a portion of the materials used back, who thought that was even a remotely good idea?

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