Weapons kits on Claws/Punching Daggers

Since the nerf to claws they’ve been meh and after going into single player and testing them they deal about the same amount of Damage as daggers so if we can put kits on daggers let us put kits on claws/punching daggers plus there are no star metal claws/punching daggers except the new battle pass claws (Talons of Karmanthes) so if those could be added would be nice even tho i own the battle pass


You raise a good point. Claws and punching daggers have fallen toward the back of the competitive field since their rework. And rallying to add buffs and enhancements to the weapon which falls behind the pack is a far better approach than endlessly nerfing the new meta. Supported!:+1:


I would love a pair of star metal claws.
They would look so badass with the new idol animation.


I never used oil on them, do they accept at least oil?

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This is a known bug.

Wait a moment, you are correct. Currently the Battle Pass is the only source of Star metal tier Claws/Khatars, isn’t it?
Most unfortunate.

This one would love to see those and dual weapons get fleshed out more.

Perhaps not black ice, but definitely add claws to Dragonbone weapons, and possibly Obsidian or Serpentfolk.

This one means real Dragonbone, not that crudely painted star metal like the Katana in the Bazaar.

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