Wedge foundations' surface is not even

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Simple as it is, the wedge foundation’s surface is not even, which causes placing big structure on them a big pain (for example greater wheel of pain). This also make them very hard to climb onto.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: down a wedge foundation (high enough that you need to climb onto)
2.Try to climb it and realize it’s VERY hard to climb onto, you fall down almost everytime. 6 of them together to make an inner circle
4.on the 6 edges each place a normal foundation to make a outer “snowflake”
5.Add one level up for the outer normal foundations.
6.Try to place a normal foundation on the inner circle by try to snap it with one of the normal foundation on outer. Fail even tho the space of 6 wedges is definitely enough for you to place down a normal foundation.