Weekend raids 2hrs nightly; Looking for a fun PvP server?


A server created by exile players who love the game. We are a group of people that got tired of official servers full of cheaters, badly managed community servers and admin abuse. After years of playing we have had enough and took the final step to create our own server.

We welcome you, to Roadhouse PVP

A server that is dedicated to have a good community and fairness, simple rules and good gameplay.

PvE/PvP during the weekdays and raid nights during weekends.

Exiles ROADHOUSE is a place to hang out and have fun, a place to unwind and room for everyone.

We want all to feel a part of the project and will strive to listen to what our community has to say, so come and join us in creating a fantastic server.

our goal is to make it a great place for new people to learn the game aswell as great place for veterans to fight eachother. we would love to see more experinced player help new players learn the game.

That’s the essence of our project, and we want you to be part of it!

If youre interested come by our discord and check us out or search Roadhouse in pvp server list. GLHF <3

Msg me for discord link!

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Please post your discord. Me and my friend would really like to join the server but I have an issue. When the server is 30+ players the my ping shows 230ish in the server list and locks me out. Please consider increasing the limit to 250, as there is no way to refresh ping without restarting the game or waiting 20 minutes for the server list to stop searching, it is extremely hard to login during peak hours. Thank you very much.

Use direct connect via IP