Wet effect after swimming

Since the game knows when we enter water fully and begin to swim - after all, the animation must be played etc. - it shouldn’t be too hard to add an effect “in water”.
That effect can then be reapplied every 5 seconds or something, and will decay over 30 seconds if out of water. That way it should be easy, that Players that swim in water are wet after getting out of the water for a hsort time.



But why is it necessary? For a cooling effect? Say, if in the Highlands you go for a swimm you freeze?

The cooling effect is already there, just observe while swimming.
No, it would be there just for the optics and immersion.

I’ve never noticed a cooling effect while swimming. If its there, it should be a far greater change.

I want to there to be a real danger in being wet in the cold climates but, perhaps after we get gear and/ or potions to deal with it.

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