What a total mess

Since Funcom live services came into scene all has become CAOS in the game, and even with all the hotfix and patches the game is still unplayable for many and full of bugs for the rest.
This is not a new game in testing period, although since june it looks like it, Funcom you had the best survival game and we loved it so WHY THIS CHANGE???
I just cant understand it !!!


It is not finish, with next patch 2.2 they will destroy the raiding system.


Or maybe they’ll fix it. Don’t give up hope Selene. Not everything is terrible.


if we get a testlive of testlive, things might go well


Patch 2.3.: we remove the villages and you have a 0.00000003% chance to find a thrall somewhere random in the scenery-


what the **** are you talking about the game gets worse every update it feels! what are you smoking I need the same stuff to handle how they ruining my most played game on steam.

Nada va bien

Don’t worry about the glitches, they are making ribbons for horse tails. And they will be dye able. pretty awesome eh?
Funcom Fails…

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