A complete mess

Since Funcom started their Live Services around may 2020 all in the game has become a REAL MESS, stamina and health doesnt work properly, thralls are uselles, there are some areas in the map where you can go through stones and mountains, some weapons are missing, storms can still hit you underweater, we lost full nudity more than a month ago why isnt it back??, we didnt ask for more benches we just wanted you to fix the old bugs,…etc…etc
And Funcom must support pvp hackers otherwise I cant understand how they are all around making pvp imposible.

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So true mate… Time for refunds.

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I agree.
I really enjoyed playing conan for a few years because i just love open world with real discovery.
Bui i stopped playing because of the really bad performance.
Now I started on siptah and what should I say?
Can a new map really be released with such a bad performance?
Funcom, have you ever played on ps4 yourself?
Btw there are often no bosses in the dungeons.

I really love the Conan concept, but this really is a cheek!


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