What about the headhunters camps?

If you didn’t know Chapter 2 of the age of sorcery intros the head hunters camps. I hit a couple of these on test. Brought the sorcerer skulls and captured sorcerers; which gives better rewards. I think the game is a bit generous, giving late game rewards for an early game mechanic.

But that is not the issue. The way it looks these new headhunter camps will be added to the map in various places, where people may very well have already built. So what happens?

If a headhunter camp is set to be place on an area that already has been built on will it not spawn? Or will the players base be destroyed?
Did funcom even think about that?

I’m sure in the stream they said that the camps were only placed in places where construction is not possible

It will take jumping from live to test to check all areas. But first place I checked on live can be built on. So…

I’ll be checking.

A lot of players are building in the noob river

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2 for 2. Second one some one has claimed the land right up to where the headhunter camp will be, but I can still put down a camp fire right where it will be.

This is going to be fun :laughing: Yes a couple are built inside an existing POI so might be ok; can’t say for sure till I verify though.

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Water-builds gang assemble for a group flex!
gets wrecked in purge before gang assembles

If it’s not in a no-build zone, one of two things might happen:

  • your build gets destroyed just enough to spawn the camp
  • the camp is suppressed by your build and doesn’t spawn (this will technically put you in breach of TOS)

I’ve seen both things happen in previous updates, so it could go either way.

I remember that they mentioned, in their last stream, that they’re working on a system that would allow spawning new content like that in a different, random place if the original place is occupied. However, if I recall correctly, that’s something that they’re still working on and wouldn’t be available in the upcoming chapter 2 update.

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And I’ll see it soon ))) One of my bases in single-player is just near one of the future camps. I adjusted land claim to 0.25 so it can spawn under my fence - or destroy it.


Kinda this :point_up_2:.
I remember a great fuss after the Siptah release, since a lot people have builded in places that later camps spawn! It’s a non finished game, I don’t know, the term of early access and if this term is still valid for this game, but surely it’s an unfinished game! So if camps spawn again in people’s builds, so be it. They can always rebuild I guess! The game evolution cannot and shouldn’t stop for a reason like that :man_shrugging:.
As for the question…

Probably yes, should they bother (?), definitely no!

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