What are dimensions in SWL?

I’ve noticed in chat window that some characters are stated to be playing in certain dimensions e.g. wyrm. What are they and how do you know which dimension you are in? Do dimensions matter to gameplay?

A dimension is a server or set of servers, the most prominent ones are the english/german/french separated ones. When your character’s created it has a dimension picked for it and you’ll automatically go to servers in that dimension.

It doesn’t directly affect gameplay, but you’ll only see other players by chance if they’re on the same dimension. It’s just a way of Funcom automatically splitting up load between their systems (and maybe having regional options to reduce latency; I don’t know if they’re all in one physical location now)

Hub chats (Looking for Group, General, etc.) cross between dimensions and so does group finder etc., also if you’re in a group it’ll follow the dimension of the first player to enter an area. I think maybe Agartha’s also got fewer servers that several dimensions share but I’m not certain of that.

What does * mean next to name?

It used to signify that player was in a different dimension to you but nowadays it just appears at random :v:

It’s not random. It means what it has always meant – that the character’s home dimension differs from yours. You can hover over their name to see which one it is.

It’s kind of hard to make out between raid chat being the worst shade of brown that exists and youtube compression but you can see here that the asterisk is next to my own name:
So no, while it probably isn’t literally random, it does not mean what it has always meant :v:

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Yes, it still does. If you use /commands to talk in chat, your own name will come up with an asterisk. That was also the case back in TSW.

That asterisk is also not visible to anyone else who shares your home dimension.

SWL chat asterisk

Top: Using /g to send group chat.
Bottom: Active channel set to group and typing normally.

Not random but very much reproducible. And for characters other than your own, an asterisk always denotes a different home (not current) dimension. Just like in TSW. Only that in SWL you don’t have much control over yours.

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