Deathwish PVP Server - Character stuck(lost?) "Dimension Down"


Hi, i’ve recently decided to slowly return to the game and have an old character from the Deathwish PvP server i’m unable to log in to or character transfer(just bought the 600 funcom points to no avail)

Just wanting to confirm if this character is retrievable or if it’s lost permanently with the server? (this was the last character i was ‘maining’ and wanting to continue playing it.



When they shut down that server Funcom moved those characters to Fury. But they said that anyone with a character there needs to contact Funcom to get their characters activated there if they don’t see it.
They had to move them with some restrictions on transfer of items because of past exploits.
I’d advise sending an email to funcom customer support… but expect to wait for about two weeks for a response.
If you can log into the game on another character then you could also try the ingame petition system to see if a GM can help (type /petition into the chat box to open interface. Check the frequently asked questions section to see if it’s covered there. If not the top right has the petition button, remember to hit submit twice to send. The first time you hit submit simply puts in a window for you to review, the second sends it.)


I’ve already sent an ingame petition - it’s been a few days now still with no reply, i might try emailing through and see how i go,



Deathwish was merged into Tyranny not Fury.


At this point everyone should either be on Crom or Fury. The last B&G PvP server was Rage, which was merged to Fury a few years ago. There do exist a few isolated cases where characters were not merged; according to what I can see @Dropnloadz , you still have characters ‘stuck’ on Rage which we should be able to fix for you.

I suggest making an email ticket at instead of an ingame petition. Thank you for your patience!


I’ll send through an email now - thank you.

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