Missing Level 80 Character

Returning after quite some time and found that my level 80/epic-geared demonologist is missing.

Any recourse…?

Definitely the correct account, but just that one character missing? What server was it on and how long ago did you quit?

You can try submitting a help ticket: https://www.funcom.com/help

Thanks for the reply.
Returning after 5 years.
Don’t even remember which server that particular character was on.

Also, a second question (forgotten so much) - Have Path to Khemi on all my characters but one.
I’ve forgotten how obtaining that works…

Thanks again.

It’s from the veteran token vendor, there is one in each main city near the markets. You can’t obtain veteran tokens anymore but you can spend the ones you still have (also, new characters will always get the amount you earned years ago, but you won’t get new ones on these Characters)

I can’t remember for sure, but I think there were a couple special servers (Rage/Deathwish?) that were shut down, and the characters not automatically transfered away. And that those characters might appear missing from the character list, but still exist and can be transfered if you contact Funcom.

If that is right, and your character was from there, you might be in luck. If instead you were on one of the regular servers and your character somehow got deleted, they might still be able to help, but they might not. Doesn’t hurt to ask, just expect to wait ~3 months for a response.

I don’t know about Deathwish server, but I do know when Rage closed, they were transferred to Fury, at least that’s what I heard then. I was in Fury and people were all a buzz about it. I didnt really see too many from Rage show up, but it happened the same time about when I rolled new characters on Crom.

So I am not sure how long characters last after a server transfer, but if the guy was on Rage, it should be on Fury. Best advice for him is to re-roll Crom or Fury and rise again :beer:

My thought was that it was only if you opted in to the transfer by a certain point, but I could be wrong. I was never on one of those servers.

It could have been a limited time free transfer and it sounds like maybe too much time has elasped.


yes indeed if character was on rage or deathwish those there were transfered to fury which was last remaning pvp server for that and this time, but characters were transfered only if you were logged about 30 days prior to merge, after that FC said you need to contact customer support to help you in any other case, so you need to contact FC cs if thats the case, anyway characters whom were transfered with this merge were put to keep only small ammount of gold and gear they were wearing that time, some exploits occured there and that was FC solution to it, so if you had good gear and for example were doing pve quests and worn some trash pve items even so you could bump hit rating, other stuff may be gone for good

anyway try FC cs

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Thanks to all for replies and explanations… Will attempt to work this out with FC.

Btw, The Path to Khemi I have for most characters is a permanent item, similar and in addition to Path of Asura.