What happened to this game? returned after 3 years missing characters

Brief history. I played on launch, I last played full time in 2010 with rise of the godslayer expansion. I then stopped playing but returned 7 years later in 2017 before Conan Exiles was released.

Today I returned to the game again, and I only have 3 characters (all other slots are locked with no sign of any characters) I’m 100% certain I had several Khitan characters one being max level that have vanished.

I figured maybe if I make up some room, and deleted this low lvl character it would reveal my old max lvl Khitan Guardian but nope…

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Do you recall what server the missing characters were on? If they were on Rage, then they did not get transferred to Fury when the servers merged. Only characters that had been active in the last year prior to the merge were moved.

I’m 100% positive all my characters were on same server Crom.

After many years and mergers, some abandoned characters are on ‘limbo server’. When that’s the case, they still exist but need their player to contact customer support and provide names or info to help locate them or to verify ownership

If your account is open and has characters that’s a very good place to start, welcome back