What are people paying for servers?

I’m curious what people are paying for their private servers. As well as who they are being hosted threw. Because unless you have your own box I can probably beat it.

I think most people rent off G-portal. Someone will correct me if I am wrong but that’s what I have found.

I’m using g-portal, seemed like the easiest solution.

I paid $16 for a 20 slot server, then another $8 for server upgrades. Which also increased the server to 40 slot, and other stuff.

I’ve been charging a flat $1 per slot. No extra charges for maintenance or updates or any of the other shenanigans that other hosts do. If you want Vanilla I can have auto updates. If you want modded then that sadly is manual.

Funcom updates tend to break the game but I never heard of files themselves breaking. I the the update button and then then game works. Been hosting servers for years and never heard this.