What do you look for in a server?

There are a few obvious factors. I personally look for low ping, a slightly increased xp rate, healthy population, reasonable pvp, and accessible pve. Although, I’m not OVERLY picky. What else do you look for in a server? What keeps you on a server? Is there anything you’d like to see a server implement?

Those really are some intriguing ideas.

Usually I just join whatever my clan is already on. But before I was in my clan, I chose a server based on the ‘climate’. Like @Shadoza said, by listening to the chat for a while to see what the temperature is like. There’s no point joining a server where you already know there are people who you’d really prefer not to fight against.

I also explore around the map to see what sorts of places people are building. If I like the style that people are building in, then I’ll likely stick around for longer.

Being able to log in.

Not having to deal with people I don’t know and gamble that there is a 12 year old on the server shouting profanities over global chat, so I stick with private servers with my friends.

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