What do you think¿? TENCENT & Funcom (DUNE)

Si, el trato que han recibido las consolas ha sido desastroso. Entiendo que Siptah fue un esfuerzo enorme y que todo el equipo tiene que enfocarse en llevarlo a su versión final, pero encuentro que eso no fue una buena decisión.

Me puedes decir que soy un amargado, pero yo no creo que a Tencent le importe muchisimo eso. Mientras mas grande la empresa, menos les importan los sentimientos y mas les importan las cifras, el dinero. Y eso no lo digo solo por Tencent o Funcom, mira a EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, etc.

En fin, espero que no te enfades conmigo si te digo que, a pesar de entender tu molestia, no creo que vas a lograr nada llamándolos vampiros y ladrones. Al final, los que leen estas cosas son los Community Managers, no la gente que toma esas decisiones. Y si por alguna casualidad lo leyera esa gente, dudo mucho que les importaría. :confused:

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The gist of what he’s trying to say has nothing to do with the differences between those games. He’s pissed off that the console players have been left with the old version (and its problems) for so long. Not only that, but the communication with the console players has been lacking.

Let’s be honest: can you blame him? Heck, I’m on a hiatus because I got bored and frustrated by what Funcom has done to the game on PC, but can you imagine what it would be like to be stuck on a stale version for a year?

I don’t condone his name-calling and I don’t think his post will change anything, but I understand the frustration.


Sorry? DUNE is created by Funcom …It is not that they are comparable, it is that FUNCOM plays with the money of the players and that is not fun



If the forums tell us anything, it should be that forum members have no f’ing idea about Funcom’s cash flow, long term viability, or anything else related to those topics. Cause we’ve had these same posts for years, you’d think the company was publicly floating bankruptcy rumors.

Tencent cares about investment return. They don’t give a single solitary f#ck about abandonment of any community or the communication. As long as Funcom shows a profit, Tencent won’t do sh*t.

In spite of all the godlike economists, expert game devs, infallible roadmap prophets on this forum predicting the death of the game and the end of Funcom for the past 3 years, the company is still here, still making money, and still supporting the game for those same people to keep playing.

Can we just pick a b*tchthread and pin it to the General section for constant reference, so we don’t have to get a new one every day?


If the forums tell us anything, then no, we can’t. :rofl:

I mean, people can’t even post the feedback about the patch in the thread for the feedback about the patch.

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Actually Tencent hasn’t owned FC that long only around eight months which negates your theory they are making money otherwise the Chinese wouldn’t have had to bail them out. Tencent started buying FC’s failing stock last Janurary by picking up 28% of the companies shares then fully bought FC at the end of July.

BTW this should help you understand the piss-poor financial situation of FC. Funcom - Wikipedia The company is only valued at $148M U.S. It also explains why they have poor customer service and relations as well info about why the Okokrim went after them.

Doesn’t negate anything. They’re a smallish developer who has had a rocky history.

Tencent still doesn’t give a single dusty f#ck about their communication and abandonment of a community. If the company was that bad off and had that many issues, Tencent wouldn’t have touched them. Some minor investigation by an eco crime unit was probably a 10 minute bullet point in one meeting and not worth entering the conversation.

But too bad for Tencent they didn’t come talk to the real experts of gamecraft and moneymaking here on the forums, or read your Wikipedia article. That was my point.

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Wrong it’s exactly what Tencent does they buy up failing and struggling game developers. As for Funcom they weren’t that small they had been around almost 30 years. Here is info on Tencent Holdings. Tencent - Wikipedia

I didn’t say what they were, I said what they are. Age has nothing to do with size. And I don’t need info on Tencent, I’m well aware of what they are and what they do. Again, it doesn’t change my point, this forum is full of armchair economists and game experts, very few of their predictions and claims ever come true because they don’t know nearly as much as they think they do, yet the forums is full of threads and threads of the same old tired predictions.

When it comes to Funcom’s lack of communication with or the slights against the console community, Tencent doesn’t give a f#ck.

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I dont know about Tencent and Funcom relationship, but I am a bit afraid Funcom is putting most of the money earned with Conan Exiles into Dune developement. I mean that last big update 2.3 Siptah → it is fun , its big but its also imho a mastery of reusing exisiting assets, of making the most with less work. Camps?-> assets from base map. The big opening of the center tower was a big dissapointement for me, i was expecting an epic end game dungeon, and i got like 2 rooms with weapon spawn mechanic.Purge? mechanic from base game. Vaults revamp-> sorry didnt even notice much difference.

Sure to apply stuff from base game still required considerable work, but with the amount of never fixed bugs and missing stuff it makes me wonder where the money made from CE is going, specially when i read somewhere it did sell good.

Well, the fact that a developer that specialises in MMOs survived this long is a success story in itself. The MMO market is demanding and unforgiving, especially if it involves PvP in realtime format instead of turn-based or point-and-click.

As a solo or co-op game, I actually consider CE to be severely underrated. An official offline mode may be a bit too late on arrival. Funcom should have added it since the start and market it properly.

I’ll keep an eye out for Dune though. If it’s going to be like CE, it could be just as awesome.

Unlike your humble self.
Tencent Announces 2020 Fourth Quarter and Annual Results.

There you go. I wont pretend to know anything about Tencent, ok?

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I’m simply going to claim to be an armchair.


I wouldn’t assume anyone here knew anything about Tencent other than what they can read in those reports, which can be found with a quick search in Google and even Bing/Baidu.

Tencent seems to be a profitable company. Which part of what I said are you agreeing/disagreeing with?

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So we have this:

And this:

Where they go on about how Funcom is bad, Tencent is bad, everything is bad, unethical, untrustworthy, and everything under the sun.

I will wager these people will do the following:

  1. Continue posting on the forums
  2. Continue playing the game
  3. Buy the next DLC for Conan Exiles.
  4. Buy Siptah (if console user) if they haven’t already (PC)
  5. Buy whatever next expansion comes out for Conan Exiles.
  6. Probably buy Dune when it comes out.

Why? Because they’re merely virtual signaling. For some odd reason this fad started where you bash the company of the game you like. And they do like the game. They don’t have nearly as many problems as they claim. They don’t. They’re exaggerating. Like many like to do.

Normal people do not hang around a game for days, weeks, months, years… that has half as many problems that they claim there to be. They don’t hang around a company they believe is failing, incompetent, or untrustworthy. No normal person does that.

And you know what? They don’t either. Because they don’t even believe in the very stuff they said in this thread. The proof is in the fact that they are still playing (even when they say they can’t), they’re buying DLCs as they come out (even when they claim they’re junk), and they will buy Siptah for console (if not on PC, in which they did, despite complaining about it), even though they claim console has been literally unplayable for over a year.

There are far better ways to generate attention, discussion, and dialogue than telling tall tales.


Son why not respond to @Starbuck1771 's whole post instead of using his first sentence to try to imply he said something he didn’t.

  1. Yes I will continue posting
  2. I will still play
  3. I might buy it if FC does their job
  4. See 3
  5. See 4
  6. Nope because FC has shown they are not good with others IP’s plus I’m not a fan of Dune. The original book was good but the movies are bad. I would prefer a Staregate game.

Neither, I am taking issue with your amazing statement.

Though I usually agree with your posts, I cannot help but feel that this was very condescending.

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Stargate? I can’t fault you there.


Stargate good I still have lots from there