New hotfix 2.3.2


I’m running around in the exiled lands w/ my level 20 Beastmaster Tamos and he gets stuck now more than ever. I see him sinking into the ground often as well. I thought this hotfix was supposed to do the opposite. Really guys, it’s worse now than it ever was before. I’m playing on officials as well. Can we not get this under control? I’m gonna go back to my base and log out. Terrible.


LOL… interesting, ill check with siptah, to see if that is still a thing…

i really would love to avoid using the expression “coder incompetence again”. i really do. (hope for the best) will report back.

hotfixes are for implementing new bugs so they can fix them again later when the next dlc comes out.

very similar to how Expansive Worlds treat theHunter: Call of the Wild

both games are extremely fun yet so frustrating with all these bugs lol

It does seem to be better. Thralls do seem to teleport better when traveling long distances and when stuck on terrain. I no longer seem to have thralls permanently stuck on the geometry (corners seems especially prone in vaults or at the Accursed Citadel because they now teleport to be if I go far enough. That wasn’t happening before the hotfix.


This is what patch 2.3 did to me. 2.2 was incredibly frustrating and to wait and wait and wait for fixes to arrive in 2.3 and then discover 2.3 just made things worse just ruined the game for me. Have only been logging in to refresh.

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