What does /bugreport do? Do people read these?

In game, players can type “/bugreport” in their chat window to access a brief report screen that can help Funcom identify and replicate bugs.

What should I include in my bug?

The best information is always “What were you doing RIGHT when the bug happened?” For this reason, it’s best to almost always Attach a Screenshot and Include Dumped Player Stats(these two things will help us the most with most bugs). Other helpful information are any EXACT names of items, abilities, enemies involved in the bug.

Do people read these reports?

This is a bit difficult to answer. I think the most accurate answer is “yes and no”. I think the most important answer is “We never get rid of them so we can always read them.” Sometimes bugs are reported by QA or community members and we’re stuck without a way to reproduce them. If we can’t make a bug happen, it’s incredibly difficult to troubleshoot and fix. When we have this backlog of Bug Reports, however, we can use them as a resource to help identify and reproduce the bug.

When is best to /bugreport and when is best to /petition?

Bug Reports are particularly good for issues that a GM won’t be able to help you with. For example, any graphical bug or ability bug are excellent for bug reports. GMs are not able to change how your shirt collar and hat clip into each other; similarly, we can not change the amount of damage an ability does when augmented by a passive. These are great Bug Reports, but not helpful Petitions. Another great Bug Report is any kind of repeatable bug in content. If a monster always has broken animations after you knock them down, a Bug Report is very helpful.

Petitions are much more helpful when a bug is preventing your progress in a mission or is something a GM can help you with. GMs have logs and tools that help us to progress missions when appropriate. We also have the ability to test strange crafting bugs that result in you having the wrong item or your item breaking in some way. We’re happy to accept these petitions and help as much as we can.

What if the bug I reported is a really big deal and it needs to be fixed?

The forums are a perfect place for drawing attention to particularly bad bugs. We even have a section just for bug reports! Please, by all means, look to see if your bug has been reported before and if it hasn’t, make a topic for it! This will help us chase down issues. Then we can even use your account information to locate your incredibly detailed and helpful bug report in our collection!