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I am curious as to what we actually have in the Xbox one version other than Thralls that don’t work , a purge that doesn’t happen, constant disconnects, long load screens falling through the map and numerous smaller reoccurring issues tha we are promised patches are on the way only for them to seemingly not exist. I find it very disconcerting that a game I bought almost 2weeks ago because it was very appealing and seemed like a fun time with PVP has not lived up to the hype.
I have spent most of my time rebuilding resources to make weapons and armor that were lost when I was disconnected or trying to get back to my base because the game started my character in 5he desert again! With no regard for the fact I have a bed in my base lab he way across the map. Still haven’t experienced a purge nor have I even come close to an events similar to one. I am trying to be objective but it seems to me the only things bought on Xbox was a primitive version of Sims.

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Well we have empty servers, so that’s one thing at least

Frightening I’m certain

It seems to me to be a very bad port of a PC game. I’ve watched a lot of streamers playing before I decided to buy the game last week. The PC version looks and plays a lot more solid than the Xbox version I have does. I’ve lost my wheel inventory 3 times now before I finally found out from a streamer that I’m supposed to emply my wheel contents into a chest so the stuff doesn’t disappear.

I haven’t experienced the purge or thrall yet and not sure I want at this early stage of gameplay, but if they’re not present on console but are on PC, then my suspicion about a bad PC port are spot on.


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@Roguepolecat262 - I have been playing on Xbox One for quite some time. Outside of the occasional boot from the server the game has been running relatively problem free.

There is the occasional thrall that falls through the floor and the purge does not seem to be working.

I have played on Official Servers (pvp & pve), rented private server, and SP/Co-op. I also play with at least 4 other players that report the same as I do.

Three of the five of us are on Xbox One X. I am not sure if that has anything to do with it, but I doubt it since the other two players are on previous versions of the Xbox One.