What does this mean?

“The Anniversary leaderboards will temporarily replace the Unconquered leaderboards for the remaining duration of the anniversary event.”

Is the event not over? Shards are not all sent yet?

A friend who was / is on the leaderboards got his shards when the event ended so I guess the even is really over now (to be more precise: it was over the day the shards were handed out).

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The Anniversary Challenge is over.

This quote sounded like the unconquered leaderboards were ‘borrowed’ for the “duration of the anniversary event.” It was scheduled to end on May 30th, 2019, and was extended by 3 days, to allow the server to reach 100% on daily challenges. Account wide, each character can claim a “Fierce Keshian Panther until June 18, 2019”.

My question is, if the Unconquered mode is continuing, then when can we expect to see the unconquered leaderboards updating?

Is the unconquered board anything good for?

I’ve no idea why it even exist.