What final Experitse perk - Structural Integrity really gives you?

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When you put Points in Attributes/Expertise tree one of last final perks you can choose is Structural Integrity - Structures you build are 25% more stable.
So what exactly do you gain by placing a building piece while having that perk? Is it 25% to building pieces durability? Or is it something for tree bases for example or balcony where you can place extra 1 or 2 rows of tree foundations or ceilings to the outside without adding extra support for that building pieces?
Edit: And very important question: What happens when you reset your Attributes? Does that “25% more stable” stays permament on that placed building piece?
BTW KiahOnFire just released a video about Encumbrance build that might help you gear up to start building with that Structural Integrity, check it out:

Yeah…and IMHO well worth it. I’m deciding if I need to redo some of the work I have done in the past with this perk active. It’s stupidly powerful in the wrong hands.

u can build way better as the pieces loose stability when placed less than they do when normal. so if u building a base or a construction , having less stability consumed helps a lot in closing gaps etc. (to give u an example without the perk u can extend 4 ceilings out of a foundation , whilst having this perk u can extend 6…

seems not much but it is! i have my base on the ruin above lians watch… due to this perk i will redesign the whole base… with old stability the place to be closed needed 3 pillars to be able to close entirely the ceilings and enclose a cube. with new perk it needs not creating a vast space that can server me on what i now have 2 floors!!!
will attach screenshots to make it clearer


Does those ceilings extended above 4 due to having that Perk loos3 their stability when you reset your Attributes skills tree?

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Nope. Stability stays with the piece.


this is my place now the pillars i placed is the minimum i could place in order to have the stability i needed to close the ceiling

this is the exact same location , with exact same space without any pillars… huge difference




my reaction exactly!!! XD

i only waiting the respecing potions to be fixed in order to respec without the fear of loosing any recipes as this character has almost every recipe from both maps


wtth its amazing!

five ceilings till reach min stability?

If max. number of ceilings that you can place without adding extra support to them is 4 than how much is 4 plus extra 25%?

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Nazaré Confusa Gif

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I thought the same thing but it’s 6…Norway math. The wedges are also done differently so it’s getting all sorts of confusion now as we place things.


U can place 6 ceilings!!

So, just a little math. I was messing around last night with this for the first time, checking with a repair hammer as I went.

The perk reduces stability loss from each built piece by 25%. For example;

A normal foundation has 100 Stability, and a Stability Loss Multiplier of 1 (as a decimal, this means 100%).
When extending ceilings outwards;
1st 80 Stability (-20)
2nd 60 Stability (-20)
3rd 40 Stability (-20)
4th 20 Stability (-20)

With the perk, a foundation now still has 100 Stability, but a Stability Loss Multiplier of 0.75 (as a decimal this means 75%).
When extending ceilings outwards;
1st 85 Stability (-15)
2nd 70 Stability (-15)
3rd 55 Stability (-15)
4th 40 Stability (-15)
5th 25 Stability (-15)
6th 10 Stability (-15)


If you have built a piece without the perk, then comes and replace the piece but now using the perk, does it take effect in the replaced piece?

Ahhhh that makes sense.

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