Does higher tier building materials increase building stability?

I know it’s a strange question, but I’m wondering if sturdier building material types will help create more stable buildings. Just a basic idea of what I’m talking about, I built this tower that goes decently high into the sky. At the top I have a shuriken looking bunker, which looks really neat from the ground.

The issue I’m having is everything connects fine, but if I leave the area for too long and/or log out for awhile and return, certain parts of the building are missing, as if they weren’t stable and just broke. What’s weird is that I can rebuild them, but later on they just crumble again. This is all in sandstone.

If I upgraded to T2/T3, would the weight of those types help increase stability??

I keep putting stations near the walls that are crumbling, and I’ve lost a T4 cook because of it, so I’m curious before I place anything else there.

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I’m pretty sure that the tier of building materials does not affect stability further out (although it would make sense). You could always take a repair hammer and check the stability/load of the pieces that are falling out.

It sounds to me like it is a sandstone ceiling bug. Being aware of some of those bugs, I demolished every sandstone piece as i upgraded it to tier 2 for my base, and had no issues. I recently built a Colosseum out of sandstone over the past few days, and none of my parts have gone missing, though some areas i had to add columns just to finish placing a row of tiles.

Please keep us updated if you do find something out about the issue!

It’s got to be a glitch regarding triangular pieces. My server admin came by to check out my tower, and helped me gather materials to upgrade it. I got the entire place upgraded to T3 black ice and I was able to keep the top built the way it should be. I had him come by and inspect the building while it was up. He ran around with his hammer, saw that at the worst, the areas that kept falling apart had a stability of 40. I know 40 isn’t grand, but things don’t break until 20.

Later that afternoon the server reset, and when I rejoined, all the same areas broke apart like they did with sandstone. I told him about it, he came over to inspect it with his hammer, and all of those places that claimed 40 stability now only had 20.

It’s really frustrating, to say the least. If the buildings stability is really low, then it shouldn’t let me build the pieces. If it lets me build the pieces, then it shouldn’t change the stability on me later. -_- I was able to make what I had work, but it doesn’t look anywhere near as cool as it once did. :frowning:

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