What goes where and to whom... no patience on my part

I want to know what materials to give to the blacksmith, the carpenter, the artisan, the woodworker, the Smelter, and so on. I don’t want to spend hours in the game trying to figure out what goes where and to whom. Forget the learning curve, I am not into it!!! I just want to be able to empty my inventory as quickly as humanly possible and get back to working on my compound and exploring. Does anyone know where to find such information? I have tried videos on Youtube, but none of them get to the point or stay on task and it frustrates me. Thank you for the help and for allowing me to vent.

Best I’ve got is start here:



is a decent starting point.

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Yup, just a different approach. The point is, you have to just learn where things get used and there is no easier method that I have seen than the wiki. Regardless if you learn it by station or by item

You don’t need to put everything in its respective crafting station until its needed. Create some dump chests and just “give all” into them. When you want to craft something then check the wikki. To be honest, most people horde so many items that they will never use its amazing. Don’t be afraid to just drop stuff that you may think will come in handy later.

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Thanks, but what I really want to know is, for example, what do you put in the artisan station to make whatever it makes? Where do I store flowers, seeds, yadda, yadda, yadda? Even in Fallout 4, Skyrim, and ESO, I hated crafting. I am already annoyed by how fast food spoils now with the latest update: Or, that you can no longer stack items in 1000. To be honest, I am ready to back to ESO. Still, I appreciate your response and your kindness.

I agree with the dump chest/vault concept but don’t drop things until you understand their value or lack thereof in your case. Example: Some people may never use feathers or eggs. Some people love having explosive arrows and exotic feasts

Perhaps you should partner with another player that enjoys crafting. There is no easy answer like you are seeking and to prove that we can use your simple example of seeds:

Depending on what you want to make out of seeds will determine what station you use


A planter, a grinder, a fluid press, and more can all be places you put seeds

Thanks, but I don’t think I will be playing Conan Exiles much longer anyway. Survival games have never really interested me. I came here because a good friend asked me to try it out—as opposed to ESO. Today we were in the Arena fighting the boss snake and my friend was using poison arrows and because of it I could not stay alive. I died several times during the fight because I could not heal fast enough. That’s when we got into an argument.

It angered him when I mentioned staying in God Mode; asking me where was my sense of accomplishment. I told him it that it was back in ESO, Skyrim and Fallout 4. It got so bad that I had to close the game and Discord.

For me it is about relaxation and fun. Dying a million time is not fun and I could care less about learning the mechanics of staying alive, crafting and all the other stuff. I am thinking right now that I just thew away $70. This game is not for me. Thank you.

There is no mechanics outside dodge or if you get hit to much run in circles while healing an where things go an whats required to make what is pretty obvious from the pop ups.

Anyhow you’ve made your mind up so i’ll stop wasting my time

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The Wiki will answer those questions, but if you can’t be bothered to read through some of the info then this definitely isn’t the game for you. There are literally dozens to hundreds of crafting combos, you’re not going to find a 5 minute quick guide. If you lose patience watching Youtube walkthroughs then I would save yourself the time and go find a simpler game, it takes a lot of time to figure out the combos. Half my gametime is spent organizing and emptying my bag around my base.


sounds like a personal issue than a game discussion. my friend forced me to play another game when i wanted to play something else. i will now find 100 reasons to tell him i dont want to play this game and I wont spend even a minute trying but i will make it public so that he can hear me loud and clear.

Actually his honesty is refreshing. usually they blame Funcom then quit. Saying the game is not for him is a unique and honest answer.


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