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Hello. Ive played Conan Exiles for a while and want give you some advices from a point of looking as a new player.

  1. Main problem of CE is being uninformative. I try to explain - when i want to craft an item there are no explanation where i can find resources for that. Craft window just shows me resources which i need to craft but a have no idea how to get them. It is not a problem at first, when you have simple crafts, but in advanced recipes it becomes quite uneasy to find out how to make an item.

Solution - please add short info on each resource where to fiand/craft it. For example - “Dryed wood - crafts in drying rack”.

It also concerns not only crafted items, many other items need quick explanation when you hover mousce cursor above them. When i try to craft weapons i dont have any info which stats it will have, i must go to my character page, find weapon there and look at its damage, many clics many lost time. Adding some info on items in crafting page will be great.

  1. Weapon types are unbalanced. its a long story, but some weapons are mightier that others, Axes are best choice in 1h weapon due to its aoe damage and dots, swords have long animations and hit only one target. Also blunts dont have any upperhand against skeleton-type mobs, which has any game.

  2. Solo play is very hard! First problem - you dont have enough points to learn perks you need. In multiplayer players can cooperate and choose different builds, but when you play solo you must reset points each time you want try different activity, e.g. craft/fight/exploration/building etc.

Solution - make 3x (or any other number) points for perks and recipes in single player mode.

  1. Different lightining mode in verious locations. When you start game first location are pretty bright, but when you go north or khitayan location there are soe veird thing about lightining - some vingette around corners of the screen, nights are so dark that you dont see a thing even with torch and etc. Please revork lightning in these locations so they will look equal to first one.
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  • Totally agree with the recipes for things like star metal, dry wood, and a few other items not being very descriptive and the need to ask around to find out how to make them.

  • Weapons are fairly well balanced in pvp (not single player, i know). You can pretty much take out any boss with a spear/pike by kiting around and poking them in the butt for 10-20 minutes. However, that technique does not work so well in pvp when players actively dodge. My favorite fights are the daggers versus greatsword. Greatsword may get the kill, but then bleed to death right after battle ends. Each weapon has a particular time that they are the most effective. I can’t hunt thralls with the battleaxe or greatsword because of the AOE, and require the 1h sword/shield or spear.

  • For the feat points, I keep a few lotus potions around so i can unlearn and relearn what is needed. This sometimes requires you to stock up on a particular resource before unlearning it. As a lone wolf, I have no issue with this.

  • Lighting gets especially glitchy when standing in front of a furnace in the rain while wearing shiny armor. The jungle can go from blindingly bright sands in the day to pitch black ‘can’t see your hand in front of your face’ dark at night.

The game may be released, but there is still quite a bit of optimization and bug fixes needed to be considered complete.

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