Reduce weapon and armor recipes cost to 1 skill point

I feel armor and weapon skill cost is too high. Making them all 1 offers a player to choose what weapons they want. This also allows solo players a bigger choice.


Very limiting how little feat points we have. Frustrates me each time I have to “reskill” to make something. And being unable to repair things I pick up because of lack of feat points is tarded.

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If your a bow user this is a nightmare with high weapon skill point cost. I tested a bow build.

The arrows and bows recipe cost hits hard. Even a two-handed weapons cost alot.

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You’ve got plenty of feat points. Keep in mind that with yellow lotus potions you get points back once you level, as high level weapons don’t require you to own all the previous ones. It’s entirely possible to have access to every weapon and building with some left over.


That a poor excused to defend the low skill points we have.

I like not resetting my Toon every time I need weapons and armors repaired.

Armors and weapons cost too high of skill points.

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Here’s an example of what I mean by getting them back: You buy an Iron War Axe for x points. But then you level up so you can afford a Cimmerian Battle Axe. Iron War Axe is not a prerequisite for the Cimmerian Axe; you can reset points, buy only the Cimmerian Axe, and regain the ones you would have spent on the Iron War Axe that is now obsolete. Thus you only really have to spend on the latest tier of weapons.

With placeables, you can build them and then reset. Yellow lotus potions cost 1-2 Scythe swings each, they are basically free. It’s a bit of a pain to click on all the skills again, but that’s it. If anything, a better suggestion would be to allow selective resets.


Lowing weapons and armors to 1 skill point each helps everyone.

I mean, they just have to spend on the latest that they have unlocked. And each new tier they reset. It’s possible to maintain several different weapons (bow included) while leveling, and to have pretty much all of them at 60.

The skill points are fine as is…It is basically an RPG tree. YOu have to decide what you want to be, but unlike a lot of MMO’s and RPG’s, you can reset until your hearts content for 10 lotus flowers. The only improvement is to allow me to save 3 or 4 types. Maybe have it cost slightly more, like add yellow lotus to purified water and salt and create “memories of the past potion” to access one of your “favorite” set ups. Even tie it to attribute layouts. Have 4 of each saved, and you can reload.

Because if you get enough feats to unlock pretty much everything at level 60, then just go to leveled tier unlocks. I hit 30, everything level 30 and below is unlocked, level 45 etc…


Final thought, is the structured way makes it part of survival. Have to choose a path. Risk/reward (best game play). It is no different than having to choose which att build you want for the perks. Choices have consequences, even on the build level for characters. The perks could be re-balanced slightly (or nerfed/buffed), but having to choose a layout is one of my favorite decisions to make.


Wrong. I play single player offline mode. You can’t build a decent base and have all bows and arrows. Bow users already suffer reduce damage compare to melee weapons.

7-30 points of skill points for 1 weapon is fair to you?

It is not.

The armors cost too much too.

I like different armors. The default isn’t that great looking.

In the single player game you can access the Admin mode to give your character as many feat points you desire. Therefore there is no need to change anything in the base game for single offline players as they have the freedom to “tweak” the settings as they see fit if they chose to.

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No honor. That is cheating.

I like to test builds.

Do you hack your pc games to get max stats in other games?

The admin commands offers no challenge.

I refuse to use it for stats and skill boost.

I avoid it all together if I had NPC allies (NPC allies aren’t thralls).

By evening mentioning admin commands proves we need all weapons and armors to be reduce to 1 skill point each.

I never said I’m unhappy with the current arrangement.
I work with what is in the game. I find that having to think seriously about where I want to expend my points enhances my gaming experience not detracts from it. Funcom has provided two ways for me to reset them when I want to change …

I merely pointed out that Funcom has provided the single offline game player with options to control their gaming experience if they find various default settings not to their taste…even on the consoles. Just as Funcom has provided a variety of controls to those who want to run their own servers to adjust to what their community of players prefer.

So if you see giving yourself feats points as cheating, than how is Funcom giving you feat points(by lowering costs for certain feats) any different?

You get ~400 feat points at level 60. No weapon costs more than 13 (at level 60). You can easily unlock every armor, most of the building parts, and all of the top-tier weapons. At worst, you have to drink a potion before and after building up cosmetics in your base.


A poor excuse for defending these high weapons and armors cost.

Making 1 skill point for all weapons and armors equals a fair game.

My idea reducing big clans power.

Big Aphla clans can afford these high price skills,because they have more people in thier clan.

I’m looking at balance for all.

Cheats offer nothing to a game.

It only proves we need all weapons and armors cost reduce to 1 skill point.

Do not forget pre-costs too.

You are wrong.

I try buying all arrows. Cost way too much.

We need all weapons and armors cost to be 1 skill point.