What have you done to the fish traps?

Well done unfuncom you’ve done it again after being forced to restart game because 3 crashes left my base full of unowned derelict buildings I have now found the fish traps aren’t working like they used to i.e. They don’t catch many fish and those that are caught decay v quickly this game has enough problems without making me harvest a few fish every 5 mins especially as they seem to be the main/ only source for 2 main resources ichor and oil do me a favour and fix the game breaking bugs before messing with minor game dynamics

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.build fish traps
2.return to fish traps and be diapointed you only have 3 fish
3.wait a bit longer
4.go back to fish traps and find you have no fish as the 3 you had decayed

fishing traps been broken since the game was out mine keep disappearing/decayed

Err no they haven’t didn’t have any problems with fish traps until I restarted game due to crashes and mine disappeared after crashing but lost a lot of other stuff as well used to get 20 to 30 fish in a trap and would stay until harvested then they decayed now they are decaying in the traps if and when I get one

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lol I been having issues the past 4 to 5 patches ago

Well damn I thought I was doing ok as I hadn’t crashed in 3 days since restarting but looks like I’ve just got another glitch instead I’m starting to think I might as well use the admin panel to spawn in everything I need now kind of defeats the object of a supposed survival game

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