What If you can't Download DLCs that are paid for?

About a year ago, I paid for 2 DLCs- Treasures Of Touran and Jewel Of The West. On the onscreen menu, it says Purchased, yet no Download button has appeared. How do I get my money back? I must have wasted nearly fifty quid.

In Conan, the term “DLC” is not what it used to mean. All the “DLC” in Conan are downloaded for everyone when they download the game. You only buy a ticket that allows you to craft them ingame.

So can you craft the items ingame? Your character needs to be the level first though.


I paid for the game originally. Are you saying that this content just downloads automatically? If so, you’ve completely lost me. I’ve had a modest amount of success ( single player ), in terms of improving my character/building, and so on. But no-one has explained the basic setup, regarding 'getting what you paid for. It’s not really the point, but Funcom have now introduced Live Services, which has exasperated even MORE PLAYERS!!!

Basically, yes. Reason being people who don’t own the DLC still need those files in order to see the structures and armor and whatnot belonging to people that do. When you purchase the DLC, what essentially happens is a flag is set on your account that says you are allowed to build the items contained in that DLC.

As far as getting the stuff in game, what you need is to unlock the equivalent base game feats. This will unlock the associated DLC feats, if you purchased the DLC. So for example, if you want to build foundations from Treasures of Turan, you need to unlock the Master Mason feat, which is the one for reinforced stone. This will automatically unlock Turan foundations.

So, if you have that feat unlocked, all you’d need to do is open your crafting window and enter “turan” in the search box. This should show you Turanian foundations.

The same process is applied to swords, spears, armor and so on. So if you want your blacksmith to craft a Turanian sword, you need to unlock the Warrior feat, which is what lets you craft stone swords. Or One-Handed Weapons Epic if you want the Epic version. As long as the base game feat is unlocked, all the associated DLC feats are unlocked as well.

And yes, it works in single player.


If your game is up to date. Then you’ve already downloaded the DLCs. All DLCs are downloaded as soon as they are available. Buying them simply unlocks access to them.

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If you’ll go to your admin mode you will notice that you have all the dlc items in your inventory. But in order to use them you have to purchase the amount to each or buy the bundle. Except the gear and the decorations that can only be fixed in dlcs artisans tables (not for all dlcs), the building pieces are tier 3 only, except Siptah. So if you didn’t unlock in your single player gaming tier 3 constructions, you will not be able to see them on your crafting inventory.
So, if you already did all these and you still do not have the dlcs, go to bug section and report it.
Asking your money back is not an option, either the solution to your problem, but first check if it is really a problem :wink:.

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