What is a unique Id?

It won’t lemme log onto server it’s saying unique id not valid what does it mean an how do I fix it

I have the same issu when i trye to log in. I play early to day ( 09:00 - 15:00) :slight_smile: And dident have anny problem. Then i log ut for 2h. and when i come back i cant log in .

Could not connect to server. Unique ID not valid

i play one official server #1005 PvP EU region.

And i play one PS. Dident se this whas a playstation diccussion

Same same . I want reset the timers !!!

So it happens to a couple people

I see other player play one the server i have the issu with. So it defentli have something with my acc.

  • I whant to know how to fix it asap.

Maybe i have the solution. I trye to log into a random server and it worcks…so i quit, and then start up the server i normal play on. This time it work fine :smiley:

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