Connection Failure - Unique ID Not Valid... Again. For the second evening in a row

I had this problem last night as well. Today I logged in successfully so I thought it had been fixed. Evidently not. I got offline to eat dinner and when I tried to log-in afterwards I got another bout of “Connection Failure - Unique ID Not Valid”.

Yea same. It was super buggy when it did start working. There were a couple new, some borderline funny, most frustrating. All of a sudden my character wasnt wearing a helmet. I wasnt in any menu for a while because i was riding my horse. Probably was a few minutes. I checked my inventory. Helmet gone. Thats one of the more extreme examples, but the little ones are the capital annoyances. All in all, i just want to play so idc the shape the server is in. I’ll embrace the jenk. Btw, it was happening to my son and he deleted/redownloaded, didnt affect progression but didnt fix the unique id error. Imma just wait or not lol

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