Can not log in to any server. Unique ID not valid

Keep getting " Could not connect to server. Unique ID not Valid! " on any server I try

I think Conan Exiles banned all current players and is only letting noobs in. :frowning:

Kidding bud, we all have no clue what is going on. Is anybody out there? Can you hear me? Is there anyone home?

Can anyone log into any online server?


I don’t think anyone can log into any server. Gotta hand it to the devs… if nothing else, they have been consistent with their roll-outs from day 1. The devil you know… so to speak.

Seriously though, I finished work early today, excited to try out some of the new stuff in this latest update, but keep getting that same error. At least I’m not alone in my disappointment. So there’s that.

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Yeah I hate that it happened tonight as well. I also had time put aside for the update! Nothing like having that Conan craving and not being able to itch it even though you have the time for once. Ah well, it will be all the sweeter when it comes back. Lets just hope it comes back.

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