What is considered too be extreme nowadays

I’m just curious cause I’ve been witnessing all sorts of stuff and one of those things are hackers all of the sudden taking over this game in many different servers and then you have those that been in a server building in areas of the game that’s not considered a meshing spot just out in the open where the game is ALLOWING you too build gets permanently banned. While hackers that are coding into the game gets the same level of treatment which is that account gets banned from the official servers. I’m just confused on the level of priorities of punishment and and the urgency of building the fan base instead of tearing its down. Then you have those people that are literally flying and exploiting the game really bad too the point people are quite cause they spend a whole year farming and all it takes is one new player too use one of many exploits too take them out easily. It’s not fair too them. We have too wait awhile, while all out things are being exploited too death. I’m just venting cause I’m seriously confused on the priorities. Everyone is just gonna get banned or exploited by a hacker. I’m a victim of being banned and I’m also a victim of being hacked.

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I’ve been playing singleplayer after one and a half years of officials. Tried getting back into officials but realized I have to go on vacation abroad soon.

Feels good not having to log on to refresh decay.

I donnoh mate. Either you are griefed on officials or wiped on unofficials.

Considering buying a Fallout first subscription because it’s actually the best of both worlds. The peace of singleplayer with the legitimacy of official.

Mh. Honestly Bethesda is a company I would not suggest to anyone anymore…


I agree, and at same time enjoy fo76. just not enough to give them money a 2nd time for it.

Thou, idea of 1st for private world…(which is mostly a world on officials locked from other users,) so it’ll be looted and have left over stuff at workshops…

Honestly the 12.99 price tag is abit over priced for what it actually is. 8.99 or 9.99 and I may have done it.

If private CE server were better priced for 4-5 peeps I’d have on it again. I’d go another round… I got lucky and we all chipped in 1st time.

Officials to me is… Find players not home during raids and take what you want with out fear. Or making a near unraidable base to be god on server.
No one really wants to 1v1 or clan on clan like you see in videos. (thou on private we did set up bases to do very much that, but that took private server and psn group chat to make sure everyone was on leveling play field. XD

One of my Best experiences on CE, next to making a Castle on 2nd account, with admin powers, and hiding in rafters as DM D&D style as friends went thru place like Dungeon/Raid.

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I don’t know how many arguments I’ve written about exploits, and how urgently they need to be fixed. It’s not like developers do nothing either. The issue is almost comical at this point. For example they fix current version of the undermesh exploit, and immediately reintroduced it again and again with new content. This is happened repeatedly many times for the past year.
At some point Developers introduced a script that was killing players in undermesh, and it was rolled back . Probably killed more players in PvE than actual exploit users.

Fact Beth didnt pick up right to the website, and let that site pop up to mock them was just funny.

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It was! I bet those guys are kicking themselves in the posterior for that.

No man, look away, don’t look directly into Todd Howards eyes, you will start feeling like fallout isnt a heap of steaming manure, he will have you hypnotized for just long enough to purchase the game, but he wont even let you stay under that spell long enough to have the illusion of enjoying the game, the moment you have handed him your money and are in game the spell will end and you will see that you are not standing in an interesting beautiful world that “just works” instead you will see you are in among-st a group of tightly huddled cold and angry hobos, all standing around a singular dumpster fire, all of you desperate to leave but unable to accept the loss of actually paying money to stand and watch this dumpster burn.

Seriously it is rare that I actively and aggressively advocate for people to not buy into a specific game, usually my attitude is “people should enjpoy what they want and give something a try to know if they like it or not” but when it comes to this game I will tell you straight up, don’t waste your money on this absolute pile of trash, seriously the whole fallout 76 project is one giant money grab attempt to see just how much you can get out of paying customers with minimal effort, minimal care, maximum mistakes, neglect and laziness, and an endless stream of false promises, and blatant straight up lies. This is the game that has broken and tarnished the bethesda brand more than any other game they have ever made, I would say investing in such a product is not a wise decision.

The dumpster fire will only go out once people stop throwing their money into it.


I dont get the hate about this F76… Dont like it, dont play it :smiley:

Hopefully Elders Scrolls VI comes sooooooooon :slight_smile:

The hate is based on principle. Bethesda are engaging in anti consumer and down right shady behaviour when it comes to this game, yes the truth is if you don’t like it then don’t buy it, but unfortunately it isn’t just that simple, games like these become benchmarks for other games companies and titles for the futur, if bethesda make a terrible game that treats their player base like a bunch of cash cows and goes out of their way to milk as much revenue for as little effort and game content as possible, then that game still goes on to have massive sales despite being objectively terrible and also anti consumer, then that encourages other futur titles to do the same thing. Shareholders look at sales not complaints my friend, why do you think EA can still release a horribly buggy P2W and aggressive anti consumer sports title every year? they don’t care that the review will all be negative and they will get slammed online and called out for it, all they care is the massive casual player base that buys the next title hoping it will be better and that just swallow their disappointment when it isnt better at all and keep hoping the next one will be. In that situation there is no motivation for the company to change and actually put higher quality into their games as players will just buy it anyway, eventually you are literally paying money for a buggy unfinished mess of a game that tries desperately to milk your wallet with micro transactions pay to win and content locked behind pay walls and wondering " how the hell did it come to this"

That is why I implore people to actively avoid these titles, and I only do it in extreme cases, like the case of 76, so that a message actually gets sent to these companies, the only way they will get the message that we dont like paying for bad quality products is if we stop buying those products.

EDIT: and also at this point I don’t think that anyone can argue against 76 being an objectively terrible release, I literally could link you to tons of sources reviews videos and stats that show just how deep the rot goes with fallout 76, but I don’t have to, you literally just search fallout 76 on google and it will all be hanging there for you to see. The terrible way the game was released, then the terrible way they dealt with problems and complaints, the massive demand for refunds that happened shortly after release, and then the ever growing creep of micro transactions and P2W features which they promised would never be part of the game.

Bethesda: the atomic store will be cosmetic only as we don’t want to sell pay to win content

Also Bethesda: now available upgrade kits at atomic store as well as in game items that will help with things like storage and weight limitations, decay rates you name it.

But oh no thats not pay to win those are just utlity items… yeah thats it it’s just pay for convenience not pay to win. Give me a break, I wouldnt be surprised if in a few more months they are just straight up selling weapons armour upgrades and all sorts of over powered items out the atomic store in attempt to milk more out of their victims, cough cough, I mean customers, cough cough.

EDIT: Yes I too am still hopeful that the next elder scrolls makes up for the mess they made of fallout, I really hope they actually learn from their mistakes because I have been looking forward to a new elder scrolls for a long time, That is why I refuse to buy 76, I do not want any of the mess of 76 finding it’s way into the next elder scrolls title.


The issue is that they simply do not made a “mistake”:
but they’ve kept scamming throughout the entirety of the F76 experience, from the scam-nylon bags, to the scammed nuka bottles, to the health issues with the red helmet edition, and not mentioning all the false advertising they teased up (sixteen time the detail is a solidified meme everywhere at this point).
Hobo is right, if people keep supporting these kind of behaviour, more software houses will feel endorsed in doing the same, so basically it is no longer the “simply dont play it” because I do not want more games-designers/developers behave as Bethesda did and still are doing.

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Lets hope Bethesda made FA76 just to have a bad example of HOW TO NOT run/sell a game :smiley:

And I have read enough about all the crap they made. But never was a Fallout fan. Only Elders Scrolls…

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I’m with you there man, Lets hope

I bought FALLOUT 76, and it’s TERRIBLE, they tried to make an online game on top of their old engine single player 1999. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Money Thrown Away.

I’ve bought every single Fallout game released, even the somewhat-hated Fallout: Tactics, except for F76. Seems I was right to give it a miss, too.

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You were. I paid full price. In game currency was ruined from the beginning due to dupes.

Then the ban hammer came and people who took no part in exploits got hit because they were guilty due to proximity I guess.

Never again.

It’s going a bit offtopic with the f76 discussion so allow me to make a joke:
make swasticas with foundations, all is good.
make V for vegan sign with foundation, the server is going to explode and people are going to join just to rage at you in chat and ddos 24/7.



Since we are on the bethesda train again, dont bet on elder scrolls VI being single player, they probably got the EA bug of only ever producing live service games. See elder scrolls blades and you can guess what TES VI will be, if they dont backtrack and call it TES VI SKYRIM 2 to try to milk it a little more.

The more I see Conan Exiles and FO76 more thr glaring failures of oblivion, skyrim and FO4 become exposed. I cant get myself to play any of those anymore, and Skyrim was my former most pkayed game of all time, 3000 hours between modding and playing.


Out of anything, ES6 will be more dumbed down then Skyrim. Long gone are days of Morrowind.

I’m enjoying 76, I payed 30$ for it. No more then that.

Its been good break away from Conan, not as frustrating as ESO is now. I got no room for CoD MW. (so everytime it updates… I would need to delete another game off 500gb hd…)
MHW just got a new update. I’ll be playing that with 76, waiting for Conan Exiles update to go live and ignore this one.
(didnt care or wanted horses, so I got no hype XD) And sounding like quick testlive to live is gonna be mess just like last Xmas. Staff will go on vacation and will be left with a mess.

I hope they got it figured out… i really do. I’m sick of broken updates across all games I play.

I agree that Fallout76 is a dumpster fire.

But I like the idea (and the idea alone, independant of any platform it is applied to) of offering a privatized official experience where one can’t cheat.

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