What is new in Conan Exiles?

Hello everybody, I havent played Conan Exciles for almost a year, can anyone recap what is New in the game the last year… thinking of starting up again. is it Worth it?

imo, yeah its worth it. I was like you about a month ago. More bosses, more dungeons, more locations, more building pieces and better loot, the ability to gain more feats, harder thralls and pets. The core mechanics are still there, there is just more to do. Same basic bugs you got used to a year ago though. What can I say lol its just the life.

So you stopped when I beginned, sorry if I’ll miss something:

  • Pet system
  • New religion (Jhebbal Sag) with a new dungeon to learn it
  • 2 new potions to reset only feat or only attribute points (finally !)
  • Thralls now effective in combat
  • New thralls
  • An Unnamed City with new bosses who drops fragments of power wich allow you to gain feat points, make new recipe’s weapons/decorations and learn them from the Archives, new legendary weapons and legendary armors. This bosses drops also legendary weapons repair kits (now they are needed, trust me :wink: )
  • The game is now harder
  • 4 new DLC, mostly estetics… even if epic flawless versions of the dlc armors have really high protections against heat/cold. New T3 building styles… I love each of them !
  • if you don’t play since April '18… I’m not sure but I think you don’t know a new game mode: PVE-Conflict: players buildings indistructibles but you can destroy/loot them when they decay, every day time window for pvp, looting other players dead bodies always active. I love this game-mode.
  • A general weapons/armors rebalance: now bows have the heavy Attacks and they’re effective, all weapons in general deals less dmg and npc/monsters have more hp, there is also a new weapon type: katanas. A katana is a 2h sword who have a very particular heavy attack designed to escape from “Oh crap I’m surrounded” situations.
  • Elite(corrupted) cretures: now all creatures may spawn in an elite (corrupted) version, wich are miniboss with additional loot you can harvest from them.
  • New Bosses
  • I forget something I’m sure, I’ll edit in that case :stuck_out_tongue:

In the year I played I saw the game changes every time in a good direction, the game is really better than when I started to play. Congratulations Funcom for that.

So, back to your question for me totally YES it’s worth it :wink:

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Thanks for the answers guys, I will sertainly try it again.

How about all the lagging, specially when you had a lot of Thralls, and the building wouldnt spawn in and so on. is it better?

buildings loading has improved but you will still get large structure and thrall/pet lag on pve servers the severity of course depending on your system and how strained the server already is.

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