What is the best controller for the pc and this game

I am wondering what the best controller is to use
Xbox 360
Xbox one
Xbox series

Would really like to know as I am wanting to leave console and use pc but I do want to move to pc

I use a Xbox One wireless controller. They are $49.99 on the Microsoft Store now. They work seamlessly for me on games like Conan Exiles, Skyrim, Nioh 2, etc. They use 2 AA batteries, though, which is a minor nuisance compared to the PS4 controller.

With Conan Exiles, there is a minor bug where the controller doesn’t work with the delving bench (have to use keyboard and mouse for that), and switching back and forth between chatting and controller may be clunky at times (I wouldn’t recommend chatting while in combat).

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I prefer KB/mouse.
That being said, if you choose to stay with a more familiar controller setup. I suggest using one of the xbox controllers. the PS controllers require additional software to run on the pc.

Wired controllers are an option i go with to avoid battery expense.

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Thanks guys that was a big help

Keyboard and mouse is just objectively a far superior interface. I’d strongly recommend going with that. But if you insist, then my personal opinion is that I’ve found the PS controllers to be generally easier to use compared to Xbox. But my experience with Xbox is pretty limited as well, and the only controller I’ve ever used on a PC was one that predates both Xbox and Playstation and basically had the same buttons as an NES controller.

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