What is the linguist?

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After the update ,I found linguist scrolls on Derketo religion and in warmakers dungeon , it seems there are more . So if someone has info for scroll locations and their usage I 'll be happy to know thank you .

If those are what I think they are, it just lets you write notes in another “language”. Functionally what this does is create a note that anyone with that particular feat can read, but those without can’t. It’s a neat idea, but implemented in the most simplistic way possible.

For example, you create a note written in “Stygian”. To you it’s just plain English, assuming English is your language of choice IRL. But if someone else tries to read it and they don’t have the Stygian Linguist feat, what they see is a note that says “This note is written in a language you don’t understand.”

It would be cool if it at least would show the message in random hieroglyphics or something, but no. Just a message saying you can’t read it. :disappointed:

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@Glurin ,Thank you very much . Do know that since now I discovered 3 locations in exile lands .
1 , Derketo religion , it has 2
2 , warmakers dungeon , to the lobby with the skeletons before the (middle) priest that fights with sword .
3 , The skeleton boss in unnamed city on the bridge over the red mama .
If you have more locations in exile lands please share .
Thank you very much :+1:

I’m still trying to get Turan mason. I got a Turan note. and I deciphered it. Technically, this means I‘m now a linguist. Other than that, you got me.

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I too think it’s a good idea in theory, but don’t they realise that after some time, everyone will be able to read everything just like before anyway…so apart from the time put into collecting…what is the overall point I wonder? The ability to not read notes is only temporary.

Do you have any other locations in exile lands other than the ones I refer . If you do please share . Thanks :+1:

It is a collective thing . Right now to fix a lemurian axe is all you need , still for collectors it’s not enough , we need to have them all , isn’t it ? So the same goes here , finding all the locations and knowing all the languages for some persons is very important , about the usability if you have imagination , it can take many forms :wink:

If you google your question you will come across a You Tube video that shows you all the locations for linguist feat…

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@Mbeat ,If you seen one video for exile lands please upload , thank you :+1:

Here is one You Tube channel that uploaded the locations. Click on his channel name to find the other videos he has made revealing all other linguist feat locations…

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@Mbeat Thank you very much my friend

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