Help me to find my last 2 linguist languages on exile land map

Hello everyone,
I’m missing 2 linguist languages to complete the full collection in exile land map, not siptah map. will you share with me the location’s of this 2:

  1. Valusian
  2. Tongue of the serpent - man
    I’m playing on official server on pc so cant just spawn them hehe
    thank you very much for the kind help!

The ones I find so far is ,
On Derketo religion camp
To the darfari camp outside the abysmal dungeon
To the mount of the dead
To the godbreaker dungeon
To the unnamed city

To all the above I remember the locations of the chests exactly .

Now in different servers if I remember correctly , nothing sure , it was on khari dungeon , on king barrow , frozen temple and kings niche . Yet I don’t remember well and I cannot say 100% .

I still haven’t visited the volcano dungeon after the Siptah release on consoles , I believe the serpent one must be there and maybe you need to search again the area of silent legion dungeon .

Again , I am 100% positive only for the first 5 locations , for all the others my memory might fool me , sry .

In New asagarth behind the Ymir statue.
What @stelagel mentioned in the Unnamed city it is above the Red mother where the 2H hammer undead spawns I think.

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@rolee9309 ,Correct , exactly there it is . Still I didn’t knew about new Asgard , Thanks m8 :+1:

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hello, non of the meontion places have my last 2 missing recipes.
I tried seraching in the volcano but nothing so far.
Valusian I have no clue where to search.

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anyone have clue where to find Valusian or Tongue of the serpent - man ?

Tried inside the Well of Skelos (inside the instance) or the tower where the Well is located? Could also try the Circle of Swords, Executioner boss room and the snow side entrance (inside) to the Passage for Serpent language.

Heyy, I tried looking all over the well of skellos, inside the dungeon and outside, climb on top of everything i could and found nothing, tried Executioner boss as well, Will try the passage and let you know!
thank you very much for the kind help :slight_smile:

Tried the passage and nothing as well… cant find theese 2

You are right , it would be really helpful to know the exact location because maybe you pass from the place but the box just didn’t spawn at this time . I had a post about it and someone send me a YouTuber that made videos about them , still for some silly reason I couldn’t find an order on his videos so I didn’t see all his session . Try to Google it maybe you are luckier than me .

the youtube video show on siptah map only, I’m looking at exile land map

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Thoese language books weren’t interesting for me, but now I’m curious, I have to put a hold on my Savage wilds character to search these 2 books!

any luck finding?

still cant find this 2…

My PvP team is back and they want to play exile lands again . So since I will join them I will try to help you with your research , just give me some more days :+1: .

Thats cool thank you very much good sir.
Have fun and enjoy! i wish you best luck

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@Croms_Faithful I need your knowledge here . I can imagine where I can search for the serpent man tongue , yet I have great lack of knowledge about valusian . Which existed tribes of the exile lands are speaking this language ? Thanks in advance :+1:


Been serching more the volcano this week… still nothing…
I been to almost every point of intreset there and no chest, serched at the dungeon itself, outside, climed where we learn the aquironin weapons, it could me not spawned to me, but I was lookiing almost each day…
(The others wasnt hard to find at all once i knew the location, even if they didnt spawn immiendtly, they sapwned couple hours later or at the next restart of the server) (playing on official pc server).
the second one “Valusian” I have no clue where to even serach for that one, as I dont know this languge from the lore.

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These both dictionaries are still missing at the Exiled Lands so far.


That would most likely be the Voltaries of Skelos who reside in the Volcano biome of the Exiled Lands. They are adherants and devotees of the Serpentmen, which is why we see the blighter worshipping at the Shrine of the Oracle and the Well of Skelos.

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