Language Dictionaries in Exiled Lands

I have been adding the locations for all of the Language Dictionaries in the Exiled Lands to the Conan Exiles Wiki, but have been unable to figure out where all of them are.

The last seven I am still looking for are the Atlantean, Brythunian, Hyrkanian, Khitani, Pictish, Tongue of the Serpent-Men, and Valusian dictionaries.

I would appreciate any help finding these last few to add them to the wiki.

Again, these are for the Exiled Lands, I am not currently working on Isle of Siptah dictionary locations as there seem to already be more guides available for those.

I have managed to find Brythunian, Hyrkanian, and Khitani and added them to the wiki.

That still leaves four more I could use help with: Atlantean, Pictish, Tongue of the Serpent-Men, and Valusian.

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Pict try the Riverwalk darfari camp, near where the bearer is

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Great! :smiley: :+1:

Pictish has been added to the wiki.

Three dictionaries left.

Atlantean, uc, hammer undead boss

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Added. Only two remain.

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