What no official RP servers?

is it me or is there NO actual official RP servers only modded/unofficial ones?
if there are official ones why does the in game searcher never find any?

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how would you role play on a server without an admin to ensure people stay in character or abide by the rules? There is nothing stopping you role play on either of the official pve or pvp servers. You just might find that not all are willing to participate.

With the way that Funcom completely abondoned RP on their official RP servers on AoC and then got rid of them all merging them with hard core PVP servers I was actaully surprised they added a search function for it. However, it would be dificult for them to constatnly monitor RP servers as it would require aditional staff just for that function. It is far easier for them to allow the player base to create their own RP servers.

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