What’s up with the Dark Tiger

A while back I was killed by a cool “dark tiger”, it was darker than the regular ones but had glowing red eyes. I have yet to see the thing again, Does anyone know where to find it or did it get removed? I would Deff love one as a follower.

It’s a corrupted tiger. All critters in Conan Exiles have a chance of spawning a tougher, corrupted variant. They hit harder, have more health and harvesting them can yield some nice drops (demon blood, alchemical base, etc.)


Pretty sure you can’t get them as pets though, unsure if the Crocodiles I’m seeing every now and then around noob river are corrupted or not though, they’re roughly twice as big as the average Crocodile and have glowing blue eyes.

You’re correct. Vanilla game comes with normal tiger and white tiger as pets. Seekers of the Dawn DLC gives you a pretty neat skin for tigers, but it’s not the same look as corrupted ones.

I’ve never seen a corrupted tiger and was assuming there’s none. Does that also mean there are also corrupted mammoths??

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Haven’t seen a corrupted mammoth yet. I did run into corrupted sabertooth tigers a few times.


I’d pity anyone if corrupt Frost Giants are a thing, normal ones are bad enough.

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I only ever saw him/her once!!! Pretty cool tho and very rare

Yea the crocks I see all the time but the tiger is very rare for me

I met the “Monstrous Tiger” (the dark one) twice, the first time he killed me, the second time was his to die. It was near Shattered Basin, both times.

I have the feeling that corrupted animals are more prone to wandering around once spawned, unlike other animals that seem to stay near to their spawn point.


The one that can tear you down at endgame is the corrupted wolf , he can be encountered everywhere wolves spawns of course but I saw a lot of them in the left valley leading from mounds of the deads towards the frost temple :wink:

and yes I’ve seen the corrupted wolf just tearing down all other species running everywhere like a mad demon :japanese_ogre: so I would say they wander more :rofl:

I didn’t encountered corrupted mamoths and frost giants , nor rhino or reptile rhino ( in the jungle ) but all the other animals (not bosses) has a corrupted version :sweat_smile:

So far, I have personally only encountered corrupted versions of:

  • shalebacks
  • hyenas
  • tigers
  • rocknoses
  • wolves
  • sabertooth tigers

The wiki has a longer list, but I don’t know if it’s exhaustive.

Frost giants r pretty easy to deal with… I assume u never tried to block their attacks with a shield.

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I don’t really use shields, I only use two-handed weapons lately.

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