What say you FUNCOM to this?


I was devastated when having my first purge a few weeks ago. Then I rebuilt, now I’m waiting for it to attack my base and see if my thralls can defend it, but it still hasnt happened yet and I won’t continue playing until I know my thralls can defend my base, or else what for ? This is not what I signed for when I play on PvE server. It’s also unclear about when or why it happens. It’s like it’s implemented just to annoy us.

Purge should only happen when we want it to happen like using the war horn to taunt those purge mobs to attack.


That’s not the point of the purge. The point of the purge is that it’s a design decision behind this game that your base be regularly under threat, whether from other players or NPCs. Purge is the mechanic that brings the NPC threat. You shouldn’t get to choose when it happens, nor should it be easy as pie to defeat a purge.

However, purges are currently completely broken and should be disabled on official servers for right now. It’s immensely problematic that thralls don’t defend, and purge level 6 is hard to fight all by yourself, especially when combat lag causes rolling to only work a quarter of the time. I’ve died on every purge I tried to defend solo because my thralls wouldn’t attack and rolls wouldn’t sync with the server, causing me to rubberband back to my original location and get blocked in by a group of enemies. There was literally nothing I could do to win those fights because of the lag and thralls not fighting. I might have had a chance if neither of those two factors worked against me…

Fortunately I play on a private server and the admin turned the difficulty down to 3 and gave us a 30 minute warning. Also upped minimum required players to 2. It has made a big difference, but I still die in purges sometimes thanks to combat lag.


No one has an issue with purges or when they happen. I’ve had the last two happen when I’m not online. I don’t care. What I care about is that I cannot defend my base when I’m offline it the thralls are broken beyond belief. And they’re broken.


Let me ask this, I built a 2 stair wall away from base that surrounds the perimeter, it is not connectes to my base but completely surrods it, I armed it with 18 named and T3 fighter thrall and equipped them with flawless armor and starmetal weapons, my expectation is that I’m off line and the purge comes and breaches my wall, will my thralls defend and fight back? I tested it by luring several npc into the gates, and my thralls slaughtered them, will this be the same case in a purge?


People have been reporting that thralls are currently bugged and may not consistently attack when enemies are near. YMMV as some other people have been reporting that they don’t have this problem.

Otherwise yes, you should be fine in that setup. You can still lose it all if you get hit with that bug during a surge, but if you don’t experience the bug, your thralls should be able to mop up most purges.


Thralls don’t protect bases anymore. If you build the wall thick enough and strong enough to last a 1/2 hour while the purge attacks you can save your internal base. That worked for me.


or you currently just build on a mountain or any place without direct way onto…


Assuming the purge triggers it will spawn undead into your base, up to a Bone Dragon which can be hard to fight in cramped quarters.


i don’t think it will trigger when your base has not enough place to spawn them, atleast , even in creative , i haven’t seen this occur so far.


I could see that for the bone dragon, but I had a 8x5 base on the side of a mountain spire that got swarmed by undead lol.


Oh, right. The old spawn in the base trick. That’s realistic.


As realistic as some of the glitchy or cheesy base designs.


I mean they’re undead and there is sorcery, so it’s at least moderately reasonable that they could be summoned within your walls.

That said, it’s essential in a game that lets you build on top of a tiny spire, place a bubble around your place and be 100% immune to all but the most concentrated of assaults.


I posted on Reddit stating that it’s time for the “We screwed up post!” and was basically told I’m an idiot.

Fanboys defending a game that they can’t even play properly because they experience the same bugs.


I agree there are an awful lot of Fanboys who’ll defend the game and the developers to the end of the earth. There are also a lot of Entitled people who think they own the developers because they bought a game, but the vast majority understand the issues with modern game releases. I genuinely see all sides of the fence and in some ways everyone is right in their opinions.

It’s just a sorry state the gaming industry is in these days, no-one wins, players or the developers and I bet the root of the problem is the financing side of the business as a whole.

I’m sure the developers are pulling their hair out stressing on how to fix the game. (whilst on holiday :slight_smile: )


I disagree strongly with you. I like the concept of the purge. This is a survival game and PVP has absolutely nothing to do with it.

If you don’t like the purge, go to a private server where its turned off. Given, I am not defending a buggy mechanic, or broken purges or thralls.

But 100% disagree that purges should only happen when we want them to happen. Its a survival game. It was meant to be a mechanic to test players that have gotten past the survive until you get a house part and its a interesting game mechanic idea if it was working as intended. If you only want to purge to happen on your own time, start up solo or your own private server with control over the purge.


How rude…

After reading the tone of your later comment to FrogBiscuit, I’m not going to bother informing you as to the rules and triggers behind the Purge, but I can assure you they are indeed documented and clear. Go and read them.

Purge being random isn’t what you signed up for in a PvE game? Maybe we should also have a little whistle to blow when we are ready to have a hyena chase us?

This is the comment that got me to reply. In no way did he TELL you to go and do anything other than give you some advice for not being off-line Purged and how to avoid the Purge mechanic altogether should you have wished. He also informs you as to a method to call a Purge on demand.

Anyway, doesn’t really matter as you said:

The Thralls currently will NOT defend your base at least until we see some patches to the game.


Had to edit this as its wrong to point out the irony of someone not knowing something because they hadn’t research something.


Well I have to say that I honestly like the idea of purges and the fact its random and you are not warned that they are a thing until they happen is a great survival mechanic to add to a game.

I do feel that Thralls are no use even before they were broken. They need to be tougher and fixed.

I have to agree that I do not like how a purge can happen when you are offline as no one wants to load a game they enjoy and find everything gone and they are spawned in the desert.
I am happy to have my base raided and destroyed while i’m in game but not while i’m at work.
It makes it feel like the game is trying to get rid of me.

And for those that say move to a single player server or to rent a server, well that’s not always feasible for everyone.
I do not wish to pay each week to play a game I bought so renting a server is out for me.
Also I do not want to play singleplayer as I enjoy this game more with other players and the randomness and harshness that offers to the world.

Purges should only affect players online as they are at least able to respond to them and attempt to defend.
Solo players have it hard defending as it is let alone worrying when they are offline in PVE.

I don’t mind players raiding when I’m offline tho as well that’s different. Its not the game buggering me, it’s other players playing the game as intended in PVP. You have to allow players ability to raid 24/7 even hen people are offline or you are denying them that aspect of the game.

Purges are fun but not when you can’t even see them happen, defend yourself from them, and they happen when your not even there. They are a personal attack created in game for you to defend against so you should be there to experience it.

Also PVE is player vs environment, not offline no player destroyed by environment.


1, His advice was still genuine and didn’t deserve your response.
2, He didn’t burst into your game to tell you how or where to play.
3, I’m pleased to hear you researched the Purge once you became aware of it existence.
4, No PvE players signed up to have our bases destroyed off-line, But No.5
5, The official servers are setup to do this, I believe having their player count setting on 0
6, The Purge is bugged and doesn’t always work as intended - Like most things in the game.
7, I haven’t had any issues with the Purge, nor had I expressed any
8, I am already playing on a Private server with Purge settings on max, but thanks for the advice :wink:
9, I know the thralls are meant to protect your base - but currently, they DO NOT DO THIS
10, There’s plenty of places that the Purge is spoken of & videos, it’s one of the most anticipated mechanics.
11, How the game should work compared to how its currently working are very different things.

The game is broken in so many ways, noone is really trying to play the game in a serious way right now. The thralls are broken and don’t do their job, they won’t defend your base for you, it’s a known fact that they can’t be relied upon.

Once they “stabilize” the game and rid it of most of the bugs, I expect all servers to wipe anyway so that we can all have a clean start.