What say you FUNCOM to this?


I was devastated when having my first purge a few weeks ago. Then I rebuilt, now I’m waiting for it to attack my base and see if my thralls can defend it, but it still hasnt happened yet and I won’t continue playing until I know my thralls can defend my base, or else what for ? This is not what I signed for when I play on PvE server. It’s also unclear about when or why it happens. It’s like it’s implemented just to annoy us.

Purge should only happen when we want it to happen like using the war horn to taunt those purge mobs to attack.


That’s not the point of the purge. The point of the purge is that it’s a design decision behind this game that your base be regularly under threat, whether from other players or NPCs. Purge is the mechanic that brings the NPC threat. You shouldn’t get to choose when it happens, nor should it be easy as pie to defeat a purge.

However, purges are currently completely broken and should be disabled on official servers for right now. It’s immensely problematic that thralls don’t defend, and purge level 6 is hard to fight all by yourself, especially when combat lag causes rolling to only work a quarter of the time. I’ve died on every purge I tried to defend solo because my thralls wouldn’t attack and rolls wouldn’t sync with the server, causing me to rubberband back to my original location and get blocked in by a group of enemies. There was literally nothing I could do to win those fights because of the lag and thralls not fighting. I might have had a chance if neither of those two factors worked against me…

Fortunately I play on a private server and the admin turned the difficulty down to 3 and gave us a 30 minute warning. Also upped minimum required players to 2. It has made a big difference, but I still die in purges sometimes thanks to combat lag.


No one has an issue with purges or when they happen. I’ve had the last two happen when I’m not online. I don’t care. What I care about is that I cannot defend my base when I’m offline it the thralls are broken beyond belief. And they’re broken.