What should we talk about? Of course, about the weather!

The weather has always been an important topic in every society, and one could talk about it even when there was no other topic left.
Even in ancient times the weather was a dominant theme and countless scientists have always tried to decode his influences on our lives.
So what influences should the weather have on Conan exiles?

My suggestions - please feel free to add your own suggestions

  1. The temperature in the center parts of the desert should be higher, also in the nameless city (actual I am running around with parts of my cimmerian armor without no need to cool down)
  2. the temperature in the night should cool down in the desert and in the other biomes
  3. There should be more consequences also for other attributes (I.e. penalty for stamina)
  4. You should be forced to make a fire or build a shelter if it gets very cold at night
  5. you should be forced to seek shelter at extreme weather events
  6. of course there should be extreme weather events with very high or low temperatures
  7. the sandstorm should be followed by extreme variations in temperature (it’s chaotic sorcery)
  8. the temperature in the nameless city should also be followed by extreme variation in temperature because it’s also chaotic magic
  9. there should be storms in the north (blizzards) and tropical storms in the jungle
  10. serversettings for weather and temperature for admins would be great

Oh… that topic.
First off I would prefer a rework of the weather system to begin with.
Instead of having a single line temperature, having two would be awesome.

Second: Review armors and make their temperature depend on how much of the body is being covered and/or what material has been used.

This would cause running nude almost always being worse than being with summer stuff in the frost temple. Because it feels totally dumb to just get rid of any clothing just because one could switch over to very cold as one wears summer armor. …
Other than that…

I totally agree!
All biomes should cool down at night with the exception of rainy nights. Clouds kind of isolate; keeping the warm air below them. (Same for humid areas, so northern jungle would stay mild every night too.) Then again I guess that would overcomplicate things.
Hm… Interesting idea. Actually depleating all stamina while worst temperature does slow the regeneration of stamina already. So if the max value was lowered as well…
Then again, maybe it’s time to remove temperatures from buildings. I think it’s mostly about the shelter being received which makes one feel less cold.
You mean like having actual temperature, with that falling or rising by chance?
Yes please!
I dont know wether it’s possible already, but being able to determine how often or long it may rain would be fun. If weather is supposed to be more extreme, rendering the survival aspect to grow stronger or tuning the weather mild… Nice idea.


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